Bannon: Today's Populist Revolt is Far More Powerful Than the Tea Party

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Many Americans just cannot fathom anything beyond their bubble. They cannot find China on a map, no clue as to Taiwan or Hong Kong.

It was that way in the early 70s, but I could find every country on the planet - until they started changing the names and adding more and more.....
We all have our skills whether we know them or not.


Well-known Member
Feb 14, 2021
MAGA =s Tea Party on Steroids - same peeps just multiplied - as the Don spoke - make America great
many more American heard and generated their efforts -in doing just that
the 8 years prior to the Don - we were wrongfully preached how awful America suppose to be
along came the Don - spoke how great she truly is - and how she can return -being the world leader-she was tasked with
with Biden now in play
the question arises - 2022 if trend continues - Biden can push MAGA to limits never thought possible - in the political realm - 2020 the DEMs dream of such realm can only be achieved through manipulation - Beginning 2022 - we will see very close to a 1 party rule - we can thank Biden for pushing GOP above & beyond what they the DEMs couldn't manipulate

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