Bannon: 'America Did Not Transform China, China Transformed America'

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Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
Im very happy that youre on this topic. More please.
By deductive reasoning I conclude all communist trends (from jobs disappearing, social media censorship, unfair or stolen elections, rising gas prices, shrinking toilet paper) have strings tying them back to china because somehow all of these different American industries, businesses, journalists, academics& politicians suddenly share a unified opinion on every issue for a whole year, even though no 2 Americans have ever had the exact same opinion before. Besides, all these communist trends are the exact duplicate of systems already in place in china for years.
We can see some strings controlling some puppets, like biden sold to china for money, mcconnell has businesses with his wifes ccp connections. But how are they getting at zuckerberg, how is cnn, nbc, abc getting specific instructions from the ccp each day& why are they in leagues together?
I know finding these strings is akin to conducting the neurenberg investigations but definately worth it and necessary if we intend to set up special courts to try these people for crimes. Itll also help us avoid having these problems again in the future. Americans must have truth and justice after all this, the greatest conspiracy in 1000 years and we will have justice.

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