Are You Vaccinated

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Well-known Member
Feb 12, 2021
Not vaxxed at all, and will never be vaxxed.

My own strategy is vitamins, multis + 25
more mg of zinc, elderberry, iron, etc. I have
recovered at home from presumed covid
twice, 15 months apart. I'm 64, don't take
any pharma medications regularly, just OTC
stuff occasionally for aches and pains.

One friend died almost immediately after
second Pfizer dose.

Two people I know in their 30s now have
heart problems after being vaxxed.

I know many people who had no issues
after being vaxxed, but most got covid
anyway and recovered from it just like
I did, at home.

I know about hundreds of thousands of deaths
and severe injuries world wide.
We have to respect peoples' choice.... Vax if you believe it will save you and don't if you feel Vax is not the best solution.


Active Member
Jan 26, 2021
I have to agree. It is not the job of children to keep us safe or 'fix us'. Stop using them as pawns in your political game.

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