'Americans Cannot Stand' Kevin McCarthy: New Poll Shows GOP Leader Favorability Tanking

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Active Member
Feb 15, 2021
We need to get Trump to run for the House so he can become speaker. Otherwise we risk having McCarthy as speaker, who isn't fully onboard with the cause. With no Trump, House Republicans aren't smart enough to vote for Jim Jordan as an alternative.


New Member
Apr 4, 2021
I personally have been kicking & screaming about this two-faced slimy RINO, him AND his boss, Turtlehead Mitch McConnell ever since 2016 when neither would endorse Trump for the nomination & then when he won it both hesitated with their support, grumbling & mumbling the whole frkn time! They BOTH need to be gone...say it again, both are slimy two-faced rinos!
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Well-known Member
Mar 15, 2021
Trump won't want to be speaker. He would get bored with the legislative process.
I agree. I just do not see The President doing that. He is a General. He fights the larger strategy. I refuse to even look at 2022 and/or 2024 as being relevant until the current battles of election fraud and CCP virus are fought and won. Everything else is a distraction.

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