A LONG Report of my attendance at The Douglas County (NV) Republican Central Committee,

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Mar 1, 2021
Tonight I attended The Douglas County Republican Central Committee, of which I am a non-voting member, and Precinct Chairman of 2 Districts.

Of most interest was Congressional Rep. Amodei at the meeting. He talked about his thinking of the future wrt the Federal budget, and other issues he faces wrt to being in Congress. He said the Dems just dump legislation on the Committees, last minute, do not give any time to think, discuss bills. Doing same at NV State Houses.

He does not think highly of MTG. He thinks she is just in Congress to promote herself, not really there to work. He gave a little smear, he notice that in 90 days that she has been in Congress, she has $3,000,000 donated to her, which he wondered who is giving her that MUCH money.

One woman asked what he was doing to determine to who murdered Ashlei Babbit. He had the “dear in the headlights look”, face even turned sunburned red, as she was asking. I spoke up to let him know they did know, AND that BLMr Agitator was there when she was shot. Told him I will be sending him the article, and a tape of an interview with a Japanese investigative reporter, who covers anarchists in Okinawa Japan, familiar with their tactics, saying that Sullivan agitated those around her by saying “she's dead', before she was, as a way to enrage the crowd.

He also was dropping hints that he's was pondering a run for the Gov. of NV, and was giving the numbers how he could win, even if lost Clark County (usually the County in NV that really elects) I said well and fine AND I prefixed my question about election integrity, repeated twice that the questions I was going to ask was not about over turning the election, but about election integrity; did he take into account election integrity in order to win?? Basically he said no, and in politician talk, presumed there would be.

After Jan 6, I wrote an e-mail to him about his vote to certify . His response was that On Jan 6, he presumed that all the of the states SoS had certified the votes as directed by IAW State law. That was the rational for voting to certify AZ and PN.

That had me thinking that the real question is, were the votes they used to certify valid.? How did they determine if they were?

So I asked how do those certifying the vote at the precinct level assure legal votes, same at the County, in order that the SoS has reasonable certainty that She can Certify ?? A lot of head scratching going on after that one. Then I attempted to help out by asking last years County Chair who is now at the National Level, what date did he deliver the over 127,000 illegal ballots to the SoS which is a REPUBLICAN ! NO ANSWER to that, but, a lot of discussion.
I HOPE that I got the County AND the exCounty Chair figuring that one out.

I asked the former County Chair that since there is NO WAY the Dem's will let the Audit Train through NV. Is the only way to do so through the Courts. He said yes. HEY BORIS, he said he has a lot of money to hire attorneys to get an audit going. He has has not yet found, BUT IS doing the research to find, the laws that will allow the train into NV.

The most important thing that happened is I mentioned to Rep. Amodei that quite a few were not going to go vote. He asked for a show of hands of those not going to, I was shocked, as was he, about ¾ of the room raised their hands. He gave the usual admonition that they go vote and convince others to vote as their vote will count.

OPINION- I am going to go vote, but I chuckle of the idea of those running for office who think, in my SPECULATION, rules for voting in 2022 is going to be like voting in 2012. REALLY !!?? REPUBLICANS, !!! your doing a terrible job convincing INDEPENDENT, NON-AFFILATED, and REPUBLICAN VOTERs that their vote will count. MY SPECULATION is fix the vote count and the certification process, do Mike Lindell promotions explaining to the voters of how the process was fixed, and that is why their vote will count.

The other fact reported is that in our county more people are registering as Independent American, or Non-Partisan, then as Republican or Democrat. Republican's have about 47% of the total of Registrants in the County

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