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    CNN Employee Arrested for Threatening to Kill Matt Gaetz

    CNN...they think they can get away with murder? I knew they were all delusional, now there is proof.
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    the most hopeful sign was given to me that america is uniting

    It is very hard for us to comprehend the ignorance of so many people. Seriously, they live in a bubble, and it must also be that they are victims of our aspiring education system. I guess they also have no desire for self-enlightenment or are just too busy with their nose on their phone. A...
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    We Need To Talk About GETTR 🤦‍♂️

    Seriously? This goes on my list of the stupidest things I've ever heard.
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    We Need To Talk About GETTR 🤦‍♂️

    Thanks for the warning. I'm not sure if I ever signed-up, but I know I've never used it. Seems all of these platforms echoing free speech should find out exactly what that means. It is yet another case of "for me, but not for thee". America is very divided in hierarchies and always has been...
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    Where do I live?

    Speak-a-no English can have their own channels, I don't care, but don't usurp my English channels!:mad: As for rallies, fortunately I am not in the D.C. jail with the other patriots, fortunately my plans to go to D.C. on that fateful day did not pan out, because surely I would have been lured...
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    Who, truly, are the rich in this life …?

    More that there is always a hierarchy. That is is the point of ANIMAL FARM. Rich over poor, power over the meek, intellect over the dumb, all of which create social stratification. When one group manages to escape the confines of those in power, then another form of control within the new group...
  7. V


    On Stew Peters she was believable. But the I saw the same talk on another show (??) and it seemed she was just smiling, close to a giggle, to much during her explanation, which made it less believable and made her seem less professional. Could be she is just not used to all of the attention and...
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    Where do I live?

    You should start a national petition online, you would get at least 75M signatures (;)) but I would bet you would get closer to 200M, which is probably the real number of Trump votes as well!
  9. V


    "States of emergency leads to the aggrandizement of the state, [that is] to the inflation of state powers" (2002- Christopher Hitchens on c-span) We were warned, we should have listened.
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    Where do I live?

    Zimbabwe??:D (English WAS the 'official' language there for a long time) Our founding fathers did not designate an official language here because during their time there was such a mix of people and languages. But after 200+ years I think we can call our ENGLISH language 'official' with, or...
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    Where do I live?

    Maybe an official language, but not the official language of the USA, only some states made it "official"
  12. V

    Where do I live?

    We don't need the PERMISSION of the federal government to inform us as to what our language is. We all know our language, and new-comers need to stop expecting us to translate. Only in the past 20 years did we start that non-sense. It wasn't done for my grandparents, nor their grandparents. When...
  13. V


    Did you also notice the I-Bond rate will be increased to 7.12% in November? Highest rate ever! Why? Are they trying to discourage bond holders not to cash out?
  14. V

    Does any political figure tell the truth, anymore … ?!

    They have never told the truth to the public, not ever. As RP says, it all theater.
  15. V


    We should double the salary of boarder guards! AND recruit 80,000 of them in lieu of 80,000 IRS agents. No angered Americans? Maybe we need to protect our own boarder if the feds won't do it.
  16. V


    I saw a video of them running over police/guards in mid-Mexico. Did not hear about the U.S. Boarder crossing as you described. But not surprised.
  17. V


    Wonderful. We fight with words, they fight with swords.
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    Where do I live?

    English is OUR language, and it is insulting that new comers to this country do not learn OUR language ASAP. I go to Walmart (on a rare occasion!) and I feel like I am in PR or Mexico or Africa, or who knows where these days. ENGLISH is becoming the second language. Soon, as they whittle away at...
  19. V

    Pelosi Ecstatic over Nobel Prize for Climate Change Study

    Glass! yes! a very viable recyclable being sent to landfills. Cardboard? just look at Amazon! And the production of plastics is ridiculous isn't it!? I can understand its use in plumbing, piping, wire sheathing, etc., things that will have use for many years and save other limited resources...
  20. V

    Trojan Horses

    What if...? Here is quite a scary thought...What if... some, or all, of the cargo ships off our coasts that are "waiting" to unload...were not full of cargo...but were full of weapons to attack the U.S.? Wouldn't that be another Trojan Horse maneuver to go down in history?! Just another...