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  1. K

    National Black Dog Day

    Yes, apparently it's a real thing.
  2. K

    For those that like such things .... Acrostic Psalms 37

    If you notice in the KJV Bible in Psalms 37 most verses are like two stanzas each except for three verses. Those three verses have three stanzas. v7 “Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth...
  3. K

    FOX bans Rudy Giuliani and son "Playbook reports Rudy is not the only member of the family who is banned from Fox News. Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s son, is also reportedly excommunicated from the network, unable to appear...
  4. K

    SBK and Prayer Monday morning show

    SKB starts off the week by having a Rabbi say a 'prayer' with SKB making the sign of the Cross. Has SKB not read: “When the morning was come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death:” Matthew 27.1 “Then answered all the people, and said...
  5. K

    What IF ?????

    Ever pictured SKB with a Boris hair-do?
  6. K

    9/11 Day of Atonement

    There are three main 'days' for Christians in the Bible, Passover, Pentecost, and the Day of Atonement. Starting with the spring equinox as the first day of the year, usually March 20th, you add 14 days per Exodus 12.6 and you have Passover. From that point you have 7 series of 50 days. The...
  7. K

    UK Parliament Is Holding Joe Biden In Contempt!

    Trump Jr on Rumble.
  8. K

    Louisiana Who Dat's

    If'n you want to attend an Ain'ts game in the superdome in nawlins, you have to have proof of at least one jab or a recent negative test. There will be jabs available outside the dome on game day. Get one jab, go in and watch the game .... you're protected and those around you will be...
  9. K

    breaking news text from frankspeech

    "Breaking News at 11am CT @ Mike Lindell reveals massive video & audio evidence of coordinated attack on the cyber symposium. Stop to opt-out."
  10. K


    Could chemtrails be used to spread the CCP virus? Yeah I know but someone had to ask :alien::alien::alien::alien::alien:
  11. K

    Dr Li-meng Yan disappeared?

    Whatever happened to her and what was the thing with her and Miles G, anyone ever get the skinny on that?
  12. K

    ML Flashpoint interview

    jump about 15 min 40 sec mark for ML talking about the assault
  13. K

    Symposium take-aways

    What was the new earth-shattering bomb-shell reveal? Why so quiet on the ID badge swapping and the beatdown of ML? Lots of noise, not much signal. Did I miss something major?
  14. K

    Non-medical face masks

    Most online masks at walmart and amazon say 'non medical'.... "Non-medical general use face cover or mask Masks intended for non-medical general use provide protection from inhalation of dust and other particulates such as from construction or road pollution. These can include disposable paper...
  15. K

    Tucker Carlson speaking in Budapest
  16. K

    Lindsey Graham tests + for rona even after taking the jab.

    NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Republican senator Lindsey Graham has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced Monday afternoon. "I was just informed by the House physician I have tested positive for #COVID19 even after being vaccinated," Graham, 66, tweeted. "I started having flu-like symptoms...