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    Tribunal Remedies!

    1.) Aliyah for nonviolent Antifa 2.) Mexican deportation for nonviolent Caucasians 3.) Guantanamo forever 😈 Was it a Virginia Sanctuary City Sheriff that amazingly let a Bad Illegal go and shocked us during Trumptime a few years back! Somebody ended up telling those guys to carry a spoon, or...
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    WI "secure" audit reveals election fraud

    Ad Digi-Key Electronics Honeywell Sensing And Produc Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers WI "secure" audit reveals election fraud 8:18 AM Time for forensic audit! Hi Glenn, Wisconsin just finished a non-forensic audit. Though flawed, it showed what we in AZ already know: the 2020 election was fatally flawed...
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    Why Russian and Chinese warships teaming up to circle Japan is a big deal Antifa!👹
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    Fox News anchor Chris Wallace dubs White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki 'one of the best press secretaries ever' The ALL-in Antifa Club!🎄
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    A Fried Grassroots burn down 1% Housings metaphor!?

    The Climate's Dry spell has something for everybody!👹
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    My Boob Fixation Remedy!?😲 Doubt my Mom's 4th child ever saw much of her chest other than its smoke.🎄
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    Here's what happen next!👮

    Hi Glenn, The Audit report has come out, and it showed over 50,000 questionable ballots in Maricopa county alone! But here's the question: What happens now? The answer is clear: we have the information. Now, we change laws and arrest offenders. I'm Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the...
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    Time to make some arrests!🎄DA!?

    best medicare plans Ad People On Medicare Are Getting A Big Surprise This Month If you're currently on Medicare, a special Medicare Advantage Part B Premium "Giveback" rebate benefit couldboost your Social Security ch... LR Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers Time to make some arrests 1:04 PM Arrest the...
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    China's new hypersonic missile demonstrated an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise, report says

    Oh, heck will just have Antifa crater beijing,Too.😷
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    ADL Morphs into Master anti-Race Antifa!💥

    WE ARE GETTING SO SMART! MAGA look for Antifa Headstones for now on!👍 What a week!😉
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    Donald Trump Not 'Off Limits' For a January 6 Subpoena, Committee Chair Says👍 "We Gotum!" ; our stuff is way nastier.😉
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    Here's why the audits are crucial

    Hi Glenn, The Swamp keeps asking why we NEED audits, why we even need to push for election integrity. It's the same people who keep claiming the 2020 election was "perfect". Well sorry Swamper, but the American people aren't fooled that easy! I'm Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the...
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    Georgia judge dismisses lawsuit alleging voter fraud in 2020 presidential election Antifa!😷
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    Erdogan seeks Biden meeting to discuss US warplane request This should be the last straw!😲
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    Election Integrity Update!

    Hi Glenn, The Swamp is pushing back. They don't want election integrity but we are moving forward anyway! I'm Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the Arizona Senator fighting the RINOs and Democrats for election integrity! Help me keep our fight going until we have free and fair and secure...
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    Mike Lindell's Gift from God by Extension!😉

    They exploited the Machines and they've emphatically grouped People! Now, we get to fix it/them!👍 The Master 'Antifa' Race only, if you will! Antirace!💥
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    September Pacific Club Luncheon Speaker Event ~ Natalie Winters Excuse me Natatie! I see you weren't over here doing ill. I suppose the Election may just not be your thing!👍
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    POTUS Trump Iowa excuses that McConnell Antifa (AntiMAGA) example by labeling him fearful?

    McConnell knows the Immorality of The DEM Antifa yet he is continually more significantly with them! (Look back a few years to that Snarky Antifa (AntiMAGA) ramp-up. I Witnessed it here in their Portland.) "The antifa movement has grown since the 2016 United States presidential election. As of...