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    Got fears that Arizona audit is going to say yes there was counterfeit ballot but it will not say how many of them were for TRUMP and how many of them for Biden - the same with dead voters etc. If they do not give a number and give the final total of votes and declare the winner all of this will...
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    Arizona - TRUMP win or lose has got to be a piece of cake to prove if they did the real math.

    I have made claims that are hard to believe re the Lotto but when I present a real computer simulation using data I can show in 15 mins that my claim is black and white and is legitimate. They made a claim in Arizona that there were a large number of counterfeit ballots. if they write a simple...
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    AFGHANISTAN - Do The Math For Option B

    Did anyone do the math and calculated if they took all the money the spent in Afghanistan War and split it with the citizens would that have resulted in peace without all of that destruction
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    Never Again - Means It Going To Happen Again

    How many time have I heard Never Again - Just Empty Words
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    This explains why Election Fraud was never meant to exposed.
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    Evidence Noise Is As Good As It Gets

    All we have are a huge pile of issues with more evidence than needed but have not been concluded and I believe will never be concluded. That is why the USA is in decline and may be at the point of no return.
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    Evidence Noise Is As Good As It Gets

    I can see now that no matter how strong the evidence is, it goes no where and just become more noise. For the trade it is good because it sells daily viewers. Even the slam dun cases get pushed aside so that attention can be focused on exposing a new event like possible treason which replaced...
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    Politicians Only Talk The Game

    Until I took interest in TRUMP's rise and stolen power I never realized how powerless politicians really are. TRUMP was right, they are all talk and no action. And they will stick a knife in your back.
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    The Timing Is Right For N Korea

    Biden is going to be poked a few more times now they got him on the run, hide and lie.
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    WAKE UP CALL - Newson still in - MAGA not as strong as they think they are

    I also think Cuomo would have got voted back in... touching is overrated and nowhere near leaving Americans behind and that got a stamp of Nothing To See Here Anymore.
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    MIKE - The Truth Is Not Enough

    I don't know if Americans have the stomach to fight
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    TruNews - first part of segment - Milley is a traitor CONFIRMED.

    Once again the evidence is there but like all of the other crimes this one will not go anywhere
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    MIKE - The Truth Is Not Enough

    It's a shame but fact that the truth is not enough to do anything other than get you upset. When the other side plays dirty does that mean that the only way to win is to play dirty too? Mike you will always be remember for being a man who wanted the truth to matter
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    Arizona is a cash cow...

    They should have been able in a week to check and count the counterfeit ballots. If TRUMP won they could have told us and then gone onto finding more evidence to try and reset the election method. As is the longer this goes on the more money that gets thrown at it and that money has to go into...
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    Why do the French have more balls than Americans????

    You all knew about this almost the moment it happened. You have just become too fat and too lazy to do something about it and find it easier to just accept it
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    911 - Are you going to be all talk and no action??

    Biden gets a pass on mass protest. It looks like Afghanistan leaving Americans behind is already forgotten
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    911 - Are you going to be all talk and no action??

    Your chance.....
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    You Got All The Proof BUT THE RESULT IS NOTHING - MAGA has the numbers to get 1,000,000s out on the street

    Bannon, Rudy, Mike etc have tried but talk is just that all talk and no action. MAGA is so powerful but they discount you. Do as the French and get out on the streets but do it in the millions and tell them you had enough... Peacefully march, your politicians are going to do NOTHING... It is...
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    Why do the French have more balls than Americans????

    Get out on the streets in numbers like they have never seen before. Don't do a Biden and hide in your basement or behind a TV. Do something PEACEFULLY but in the 10s of millions before it is too late. 911 Ground Zero is a good place to start. Get Biden to run back to the plane with his tail...