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    FDA Ivermectin - Covid-19 - Why Is FDA Attacking Safe Drug?

    Come on. We know why. This is not the least bit about medecine, or healing. This is money, political control, population control, and tyranny.
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    Bennett resigns as liaison to AZ audit

    Or, he was threatened
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    Bennett resigns as liaison to AZ audit

    I have been thinking the same for some time. I agree with you. It is time to totally redirect our thinking. This is a desperate war.
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    Bennett resigns as liaison to AZ audit

    Thank you, Buddy. That may indicate he was dirty or compromised, or both. What a cesspool.
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    Bennett resigns as liaison to AZ audit

    I am wondering if he posed a threat of leaking information.
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    Bennett resigns as liaison to AZ audit

    I will wait to hear the other side. Why was he banned?
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Lawsuit Against Nancy Pelosi

    I do not give a flip about charm school. That standard is irrelevant
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    CDC Goes All in on Mask Madness – Tells the Vaccinated to Mask Up

    It is time for all of us to literally refuse to comply, period. This has got to come to a head. It does not matter if the vaccine is effective, or an evil potion and hoax. There is a reason why we are being coerced by an illegitimate government. We need to quit debating vaccine legitimacy. If...
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    Biden Sets Internet on Fire with Bizarre Moment

    We know not the day or hour. In the mean time, we fight for truth and justice. I think SKB says it the best. Human agency. That is how God gets the hard work done.
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    Need help debating my decision not to get vaccinated

    Looks like peer pressure. So I guess since the 1/2 that are vaxed need to blame the other half for something, do they just feel we need to be "disappeared, or imprisoned", since they are obviously pure as driven snow and must be right, because Fauci says so?
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    Bannon Goes Off On Devastating Debt Ceiling Strategy

    I like your analysis. In simple lay terms, we have to execute economic warfare where we can. We have to work ourselves, individually out of the debt based system. That means pay off debt, reduce spending where possible, stay away from replacing vehicles where possible, stay away from overpriced...
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    Biden Sets Internet on Fire with Bizarre Moment

    He is a repugnant individual. Little man that has gotten rich and powerful stealing and extorting
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    Iran runs out of water

    That is terrible. Thanks for the link. This global genocidal slavery racket has got to be defeated. The prophetic signs are happening at rapid pace.
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    Biden Sets Internet on Fire with Bizarre Moment

    Yes, when I start feeling sorry for him too long, I remember what a gangster he is.
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    Breaking News On Arizona Canvas

    Thanks. My good friend and neighbor is a Vietnam 50 Cal combat Vet. You guys understand assymetric and kinetic war as well as anyone I have ever met because you fought Communism directly. I am fearful that we, as a whole, think the war is ahead of us. We are in the middle of it right now. We...
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    Here's How You Can Stop The Vaccine And Mask Nazis In Their Legal Tracks!

    I am afraid legality no longer plays into our current situation at all
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    Bannon Goes Off On Devastating Debt Ceiling Strategy

    July 31st? Ok, this is not possible for all businesses or workers, however, for those of us that can, we should go on strike for about 60 days, and use Covid restrictions as a reason. Go on sttike, and do not work, open business, and boycott. Bring his economy down by boycott. Boycott meaning...
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    Breaking News On Arizona Canvas

    Then the state Senate needs protection. The state needs protection from the state police in direct opposition to the Federal Government.
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    Where Is AZ Attorney General? AZ Senator Karen Fanny is Burned Out And Wants to Retire Because Of Ramp Up Threats Against Her & Her Family

    I do not care about the FBI, period. Where is the state police? We have got to start thinking local. This government is illegitimate, dangerous, and incompetent.