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  1. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1001 (6/5/2021)

    Natalie Winters would run circles around that idiot "Circle Back" clown who calls herself a press secretary!
  2. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1008 (6/8/2021)

    that clip of faux-chi - definitely a body double
  3. SheepDogPatriot13

    How to pronounce Nevada, Mr. Bannon

    Kilmeade is growing dumber by the day. i think his brain's been affected by the MRNA injection, along with his paycheck from fox.
  4. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1007 (6/8/2021)

    Hey @davisj314 Are you going to BardsFest? People should listen to at least ALL the bards interviews with the doctors. Robert Patrick Lewis is awesome too!
  5. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 961 (5/20/2021)

    I ended up buying direct from the Col.'s website. Paid a little more but kept up my AMZN boycott streak!
  6. SheepDogPatriot13

    Video Exposes Pelosi Violating Her Own Mask Policy

    witches all stick together in their covens.
  7. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 961 (5/20/2021)

    Lt. Col. Lohmeier's book is sold out. Barnes&Nob wants $5 for shipping so i'll wait for AMZN (even tho i have been on a boycott mode with them for over 3 months now!). Leaders like this courageous officer & real man are rare but much needed if we are to have any hope of saving free America...
  8. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 937 (5/11/2021)

    i like what Claudia Tenney had to say regarding Stefanik, especially since Elise's voting record hasn't been very conservative. Claudia looks fabulous for age 60!
  9. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 918 (5/3/2021)

    and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is phenomenal resource as well! There are plenty of frontline docs who are actually treating covid patients and they know what works, they have real data. They are just censored from social media so people gotta dig a little deeper to find truth. BardsFM podcast on...
  10. SheepDogPatriot13

    Hillary Clinton Just Made Huge Fool Of Herself

    is that really her?? clone perhaps?
  11. SheepDogPatriot13

    Google: GETS YOU DIRECTLY to "Frank VIP Signup"

    Mike said you could peruse the site beginning this weekend & I agree with some of the above comments that this hype was for nothing. Maybe the site has already gotten hacked. But then again, I had a lot of trouble just trying to get the $10 coupon promised when i logged onto So...
  12. SheepDogPatriot13

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 733 (2/16/2021)

    Mitch "the snake" finally reveals his true CCP nature. The dirtbag must be ousted!