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  1. Question Everything

    To Answer The Question of Doctors Responsibility and Knowledge

    Love to see the WarRoom Boys bring these ladies on the show.
  2. Question Everything

    Opinion Poll

    Many people are responsible for the deaths and suffering this COVID LIE has created. I've seen fingers pointed at the WHO the CDC the Polititions and on and on....... My question? What about the doctors. Those people who swore to uphold the Hippocratic Oath only to turn their backs on it and...
  3. Question Everything

    Mass Shooting in Georgia

    Can't pass a gun control bill? Just hire a government agent to kill American citizens en mass. Wonder who they used...all their governing hitmen are under investigation for their murder of the elderly. Last time it was the FBI at a concert, now what CIA DOJ. And Barry Satanic is already on the...
  4. Question Everything

    The Party of Law and Order

    Simple discussion question here. I'm a busy woman so I'll pop back in to see the conversation when I can. So here's my question. Are we really the party of law and order? Many people including Trump❤️💙 have called conservatives the party of law and order. But are we really? IMHO a more...
  5. Question Everything

    Impeachment Compare and Contrast (A social experiment)

    Hoping to show and see some interest comparisons. They can't fix every number everywhere and well...unfudged numbers speak truth. So I'm just gonna leave this here and hope someone or a few someones might do the same. Truth in patterns, Truth in honest numbers.
  6. Question Everything

    Tom Brady is a Racist

    Apparently the Social Justice "warriors" are at it again. Tom Brady has been called out for being a racist. His crime, winning a superbowl in February without black skin.... And they are right. How dare the National Football League allow a white person to play a game and have the audacity to...