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  1. Question Everything

    Stolen Elections have consequences: Weimar paedophilia is coming to America

    Slitting pedophiles throats can be a good thing. They can learn to like it and I won't be asking for consent.
  2. Question Everything

    Epshteyn: Audit Train is Coming to Pennsylvania

    Thank you for the info 😊
  3. Question Everything

    Epshteyn: Audit Train is Coming to Pennsylvania

    Just had a guy tell my husband he wanted to talk to me about getting a petition started in Michigan for an audit. I'll talk to him and if you're interested and/or a Michigan resident follow me and I'll happily post any updates. My anxiety doesn't allow me to do much in person work so I'm more...
  4. Question Everything

    I have been expecting this turmoil since 2015

    Thank you for sharing. Conservatism is played out in society as being unaccepting of other ways of thinking (religion, the universe etc) this is as untrue as the pandemic and the "safety" of the jabs. I am not mainstream religious (for lack of a better term) and I'm not afraid to say it. I've...
  5. Question Everything

    To Answer The Question of Doctors Responsibility and Knowledge

    Love to see the WarRoom Boys bring these ladies on the show.
  6. Question Everything

    Opinion Poll

    Thanks you for your opinion. I do recognize your point and agree with your statement. I've always said a uniform doesn't make you not human. Some people are good some people aren't and what you wear to work doesn't change that. I just hope the doctors that I had to deal with get punished because...
  7. Question Everything

    Opinion Poll

    I didn't ask for an insult I ask for an opinion. But thank you for showing who you are.
  8. Question Everything

    Opinion Poll

    Many people are responsible for the deaths and suffering this COVID LIE has created. I've seen fingers pointed at the WHO the CDC the Polititions and on and on....... My question? What about the doctors. Those people who swore to uphold the Hippocratic Oath only to turn their backs on it and...
  9. Question Everything

    Gretchen gives ‘Vaccine ultimatum’ to Michigan residents…

    National Election fraud runs rampant....and you still think these bltch3s we're voted in? Just a thought to ponder from your Michigan, Deplorable, Medical Marijuana User.
  10. Question Everything

    Gretchen gives ‘Vaccine ultimatum’ to Michigan residents…

    Weird I live in Michigan and have yet to wear a mask and will not be getting that poison shot.
  11. Question Everything

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 898 (4/24/2021)

    I want to agree. But I feel like with the deep state in their pockets. Fake IDs wouldn't be too hard to obtain. We shall see.
  12. Question Everything

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 898 (4/24/2021)

    Just a thought that popped into my head while listening. Is it possible that BLM and ANTIFA are in Arizona to pretend to be voters at the list of recavnvassed addresses?
  13. Question Everything

    FRAUD ON RECOUNT-AUDIT? I hope I'm wrong

    I'm pretty sure they gave up when they realized how much National attention was being brought to the audit. Which many didn't and many still do not even know is happening . Just MHO
  14. Question Everything

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 897 (4/23/2021)

    Why would they go to a judge then back off? My opinion.....cockiness. They believed they had the entire judicial system in their pockets, especially after this week. Why did they back off....they realized that all they were doing was bringing more attention to the audit itself... including the...
  15. Question Everything

    List of Trolls

    I hope not. Trolls must be found and delt with on an individual basis. My advice, don't try to convince them they are wrong. Just try your best to make them feel as small as they are. If you can't outwit (not out smart) them. Then ignore them like the tantrum throwing children they are...
  16. Question Everything

    Should Black Cops be the only Responders To Alleged Black Crime calls?

    What I heard in this question.... BLM has segregated many communities. So should we assist them in their goal of worldwide racism by segregating our police force? My answer...NO! We should teach these people ( through example) that separating people by color, in any instance is equivalent of...
  17. Question Everything

    Why is this behavior tolerated from a congresswoman?! This is unacceptable!

    Wait. Didn't they just try impeaching Trump for(supposedly) inciting violence... This looks like pretty direct incitement...🤔🙄😡
  18. Question Everything

    Josh Rogin is Wrong about Fauci.

    Loopholes are the devil's best friend.
  19. Question Everything

    Kamala Harris STILL hasn’t held a press conference on border crisis

    At least Biden has dementia to blame for his lack of knowledge and action. What's Camel Ahs' excuse. Guess that's what happens when you use your mouth instead of your brain to climb ladders.
  20. Question Everything

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 879 (4/16/2021)

    Very angry. I am not nessesarily a witch and honestly wouldn't want to be grouped in with people (these days) who call themselves such. But I am not a christian, though Jesus Christ is my favorite and most beloved deiety. I am more self professed Earth Worshipper and it really pisses me off to...