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  1. D

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1027 (6/16/2021)

    Best opening for upcoming Lindell symposium? Clips of prominent Naysayers! Crepps. Pence. Fox. et al
  2. D

    Queen Elizabeth uses an ‘unusual knife’… Awesome Clip

    Trouble was not so much the 'unusual knife' as using the back of the sabre as the blade. Love you, Lizzy.
  3. D

    Viral Video — This mom is pissed…

    WOW! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! Lucky kids, having a wildcat mom.
  4. D

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 920 (5/4/2021)

    Side show to McCarthy lodging with lobbyist show? It only happened because of that damned disruptive COVID!
  5. D

    Maricopa County Forensic Audit Using UV Black Lights to Verify AUTHENTIC (Watermarked!?!) Ballots

    Steve and Dr Peter so enjoyed the Rachael Maddow ballot inoculation rant. Can't wait to see their reaction to her latest rant. She's gone from 'nothing to see here' after the 3 November election to the newest forensic audit ninja. 'What's that man doing in stadium with a blue Biro in his...
  6. D

    'It Screams Guilt': Democrats Desperately Try to Stop Audit of AZ Ballots

    Hope audit closely closely reviews ALL contests, not just Trump v Biden. AZ lawmakers need assurance the current dog catcher truly won election to office. They may not be able to evict the usurper in the WH, but can remedy other wrongs