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    Climate Change and Why you can be Happy

    This is for the Scientific crowd :) Climates change. So what ? The history of the Earth is one of chronic Ice Ages interspersed with warm spells. The Earth orbits outside the 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Zone." The Earth needs to trap heat in order to have life, otherwise it would be a...
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    Coastal Waters Concern

    Shipping in Coastal Waters must be American Shipping Since we do not live in a happy one World Government structure guided by decency towards each other in a mutually pleasant manner, the USA...
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    Sickness of the Federal Government

    Here it comes ... where will it go ? This is why I fight it - our own national government. Those who violate our core being, at the national level, are not people, but rather sub-human things to be destroyed.
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    Cambodia Land Mine Remover Retires

    Human Interest Story Fantastic Job Well Done
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    Chinese Buy 160,000 Acres of Land near Air Force Base in Texas

    What do you think of this one ? Why don't we simply give away everything ?
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    Missing link between sanity and not self-improvement. This idea led to the notion that men should try to embrace all knowledge and develop their own capacities as fully as possible. As one of those creations ....
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    What's the Message on the Virus ? Force ? Try Reason Instead

    Why the force ? I thought Europe was more enlightened than this ?
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    Here's the Faces of the Enemy, well OK their Names

    Well, here we go, Civil War ...
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    Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin has thrown down a gauntlet

    He has challenged the People..... Mr. Sherwin I accept your challenge as you Will Be Held accountable in falsely and over charging peaceful people who were in DC on 1/6/21.
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    Here's Something of Note
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    From 9 years ago...

    Our long established Constitution falls short and is inadequate in its ability to restrain the elected. Created by the will of the People, the Constitution set forth elected persons to manage the new founded federal government. Over the centuries, and demanding ever more authority, these...
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    Anti-American Capitalism of Economic-Anarchy

    Brought to you by 40 years of Voodoo-Economics, this brave new system is destroying what was. Disrespecting the deaths and sacrifices made to date, squandering the capital of the States and the Nation, a few raped the riches they couldn't create, while government fed from a bucket now empty...
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    First, as the Empire of America continues to usurp the Constitution, degenerate further into Dictatorship, drive the country into more warfare, allowing the invasion in the South West, creating more poverty, simply reporting does not work. More is needed than these isolated pockets telling a...
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    Central Authority of the Empire

    I, someone who has done a lot of historical research over the years, find the period from 1945 to 1955 as the transformation of the government in Washington DC into a Mr. Hyde-like persona, resembling a crack or meth addict bent and twisted beyond recognition, groveling in the fecal filth of...
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    Do you use these words as positives ? Do you use these in describing what you hold to be true ? -- Leaders - those elected to any office -- Rulers - as in President -- the next 7 - are these your superiors ? -- Ruling Class -- Elite Class -- Ruling Elites -- Ruling Elite Class -- Ruling Class...
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    Radical is Action - - - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

    Finding The Courage To Defend Freedom by Charles "Sam" Faddis March 5, 2021 Sam, your ending is a bit flawed. When we cease to be a republic, we have no country, we have no law. You talk about elections effectively ending - "in effect, we will cease to be a republic at all." Then you suggest...
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    American empire? Say's Who?

    Twilight of the American empire After years of liberal imperialism, the US has finally overstretched itself by Aris Roussinos 3/3/21 The author gets a few things right, but fails in other areas. The mention of Biden is faulty, while completely ignoring what Trump was doing, which...
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    We live in a fluid state of affairs

    Funny thing about thinking about what others say, is that - HEY - maybe there's something to that. The 'that' is we live in a fluid state of affairs where if you reason about what's holding anyone to 'the law' is that "the law" is a mirage. WE, that is NONE of us gave any consent to be held to...
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    Shovel Bucket Joe is at it again

    Sure, Why Not, Come One, Come All - it don't matter, just pile on in, no need to wipe your feet. Immigration: Earned and Slowly We owe no one entry into the USA. Immigration is a privilege in most all countries. Allowing others to become a part of a country requires careful examination and...