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    CRIMINAL behavior from Abrams, Raffensburger, Sterling, Kemp, and the folks that were caught on video (mother/daughter team), and many more - we are watching, we have the evidence and we must seek justice!!!
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    Darren Beattie Predicts How The Media Is Going To Spin His Explosive Jan. 6 Story

    Clarification - I'm referring to the leftwing media! :)
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    Darren Beattie Predicts How The Media Is Going To Spin His Explosive Jan. 6 Story

    These leftist gaslighters LIE so much they actually start believing their own bullcrap!
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    Lindell Is Showing His Royal Flush of Election Fraud, ‘It’s Over!’

    The leftist thugs have awakened a sleeping giant!
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    Australian Anchors Mock U.S. Media For "Gushing" Over "Beloved" Biden

    The funniest part is CNN referring to biden as a world leader!
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    Viral Video Shows Consequences of San Francisco Decriminalizing Shoplifting

    Reminds me of the films I've seen when the Nazies took over European cities. There was a complete breakdown of the normal rule of law - criminally and in terms of human decency - so we have it here in blue run American cities.
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    Biden Exposed Reading Anti-Trump Talking Points Off Flashcard at Presser

    I'd normally say "unbelievable" but at this point this is exactly what I expect from these scumbags.
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    Heavyweight Champ David Rodriguez: 'I'm Looking Forward to Trump Being Reinstated'

    I'm with you, girl! I love all of these guys including Steve, Peter, Boris, Raheem! Really smart, strong courageous alpha men - love them!
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    Gov. Abbott Speaks to Laura Ingraham About New Border Wall

    How would the leftist thugs feel about intruders illegally trespassing on their property? Oh yea, I forgot, they live in gated communities.
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    8th Grade Girl RIPS School Board For Letting Boys Into Girls Bathroom

    These poor kids are the innocent victims of leftist's incredibly unfair. They only have one chance to have an innocent childhood - SHAME on the radical leftist Marxists!
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    Kamala Harris SNAPS After Host Asks When She's Going To Border

    I remember when she attacked Brett Kavannaugh during that horrible hearing - she would say "let me speak" in the exact same way - she's an arrogant RUDE loser!! Remember she was rejected by her own scumbag party with only 2% of the vote in the DemonRat primary!
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    Kamala Harris SNAPS After Host Asks When She's Going To Border

    She keeps saying she's been to the border which is a bold-faced lie yet none of the media call her on it - so frustrating! SHES'S LYING!!!
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    Black Congressman Leaves CNN Host Speechless "I’m Allowed To Have My Own Thoughts"

    I can see the nasty vitriol on that woman's face - TYPICAL.
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    Biden's OMB Tries to Explain "Birthing People" Term, Fails Spectacularly

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    Drew Hernandez Says Potential Election Audit Coming to Nevada

    Sound not good - please step up your production quality!
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    School Board Member Attacks Parent For Pushing Back Against Radical Agenda

    Where was this? I hope that parent took care of that scum bag when they got outside!
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 998 (6/4/2021)

    Just look at how those fools on Morning Joe are "leaning in" as the Vanity Fair writer speaks of gain of function...they're acting like this is all new to them - 15 months after MAGA knew this!!! ARROGANT FOOLS!!!
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    Bannon: 'This Audience is Changing the Arc of History'

    The majority of the American people know the truth - the leftist thugs are in a panic because they can't stop this movement and their demise is in sight.
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    War Room Recaps Incredible Night in NYC to Commemorate New Federal State of China

    How can we see the speeches from this amazing event? I can't find it anywhere, of course! Thank you, Steve, for leading this powerful movement! MAGA!!!