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  1. Monkey3452

    Bam! Jewelry store employee opens fire on would-be robbers, bystanders not mad. Houston people are awesome!

    Shop employee not arrested. Unfortunately the bad guys fled and were not caught. Yeah go Houston!!
  2. Monkey3452

    Have you guys seen any migrants?

    Because I live in Houston& we're kind of waiting for them to show up. In the 1980s-90s mexican men kept our lawns& restaurants& the women cleaned houses. Many many $55k/ households had a maid that came by once a week and it was fantastic until they got old& retired. Theyre Really nice, helpful...
  3. Monkey3452

    Fascinating vlogger pays cartels and coyotes to take him up to our border wall from the south side.

    if you want to learn how mexican cartels and the mexican president have divided up authority over different parts of mexico, watch this vlogumentary guy try (by paying guides) to get in to negotiate with cartel leaders near guadalajara for the purchase of illegal drugs and machine guns. He is...
  4. Monkey3452

    Roger Stone challenges Bannon to debate on Alex Jones

    Roger Stone has a beef with Bannon, Im not sure of the details. Can Bannon please follow up with this? Im unlikely to become upset with either of you no matter how it goes, I just dont like in fighting among our people so please make an effort to settle the conflict.
  5. Monkey3452

    NIH is Rotten as Fu*%.

    Oh look, this guy explains how the problem with covid is the NIH FDA and CDC discouraged and actually prohibited doctors from treating covid in every way, mostly because people were told to stay at home when they got sick& guidance went out Against the treatment of virus development before...
  6. Monkey3452

    Proving the conspiracy to commit treason among state county& city officials across 32 states: the evidence

    Communist operatives within our local governments across 32 states coordinated various operation lockstep initiatives using as their dissemination platform including covid response, the great reset, reimagining communities' police force, election law& procedure changes...
  7. Monkey3452

    Kelly loeffler's soul-less empty head

    It would be such a shame to reinstate her. What other options do we have?
  8. Monkey3452

    Extreme travel vlog documentary: contracting with cartels& coyotes from Guadalajara to the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

    Extreme travel vlogumentary: contracting with cartels& coyotes from Guadalajara to the U.S.-Mexico borderwall. Wow!! This same Russian guy did another of North Korea, sneaking cameras in his socks& filming everything despite the guards. 30k comments saying "are you crazy??" He reminds me of...
  9. Monkey3452

    MAGA build back better / the great reset

    First of all, climate lockdowns- that won't happen. Lets take initiative on this 'build back better,' (its a good idea) & rebuild without bill&melinda gates, zuckerberg, davos, cnn or china being involved in our society in any way. Lets 'great reset' the military's fighting unending wars, the...
  10. Monkey3452

    RUDY says Fbi and justice department should be investigated and sanctioned for seizing Trump's attorney's files while defending impeachment.

    It's shocking, attorney-client privilege is the highest confidentiality privilege besides possibly the sitting presidential privilege (Nixon &Clinton invoked it). This is use of state force as unconstitutional oppression against a sitting president& violates the sovereignty of our nation, if...
  11. Monkey3452

    Crimes against humanity& war crimes.

    To the proposition of an international war crimes/crimes against humanity court reviewing the situation in the USA, youre saying NO!? What do you think we do here every day? We've had our economy shut down for 1 year, our media manipulated, weaponized virus sent to kill us, harmful vaccines...
  12. Monkey3452

    The 4" toilet paper roll on your 4.5" tp roll fixture.

    Fyi during mar2020 all toilet paper manufacturers shut down at the same time& retooled their machines to make a standard tp roll 4" wide instead of 4.5". Now there is a 1/2" gap on all our toilet paper roll fixtures. I am so pissed. Look: when someone finally articulated the difference we got...
  13. Monkey3452

    If china bribes fauci (or any US official) to commit crimes, this is a chinese crime and treason, it does not implicate the US.

    Fauci was on china's payroll when he lent support to.covid's creation, that adds "bribing US officials" to the list of chinese crimes (and puts fauci in line for his treason trial), it does not implicate the US on china's liability for our covid damages. It is customary chinese behavior to work...
  14. Monkey3452

    china should pay our covid damages just like obama made bp pay oil spill damages

    Obama made bp pay the entire oil spill clean up plus reimburse government expense, full payment of all lost profits/wages directly to every impacted person& business on the coast& provided mental health counselling to impacted areas during the spill. That spill actually turned out to be a boom...
  15. Monkey3452

    China pays for covid now.

    So we have this gangster that took money from china& they got him elected. Now thay he works.for us and we own him, he needs to turn around and take all of chinas money for our covid damages. Chinas has strict liability for its illegal biowarfare lab and their first $12trillion covid damage...
  16. Monkey3452

    We'll build the wall, china pays for it.

    china may have bought biden but we're biden's boss now so let's take all of china's money& cut biden in for a piece of our action: Our govt sued BP for oil spill& BP paid the clean up plus lost profits/wages to every person on the coast, it would be gross misconduct if our govt does nothing to...
  17. Monkey3452

    Americans invented mafia& we're biden's boss now. So lets take all chinas money& cut biden in for a piece of our action, read this please-

    The problem was china bought biden but not all of us, but we're biden's boss now. Let's take all of china's money& cut biden in for a piece of our action. Our govt sued BP for spilled oil& BP paid the entire clean up plus lost profits/wages to every person on the coast, it would be gross...
  18. Monkey3452

    Interesting George S. Patton quotes

    Before 2020-21 I had not thought of big business, media and communists as allies. Sure Patton has not tact, but vision
  19. Monkey3452

    Let's make war on china

    I mean like military aggression, we paid enough for this badass liberty machine. Taiwan, France, India are still good to go as allies. idk how many more allies, maybe Russia. maybe the world, let's be honest, china has no friends because they piss everyone off.
  20. Monkey3452

    Loyal office holders holders should blockade

    The appropriate response to holding a govt office yet being surrpunded by criminals& fraudsters is to refuse absolutely to conduct business as usual& refuse even to see about any of their own office duties until 3rd party audits are had& vote integrity is assured. Like a blockade. Until our vote...