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  1. OkieAnnie918

    Hold your stones for a second.

    Today on the WarRoom live chat a guest/member posted the amount of money they believe Mike Lindell is paid by his charity. The claim was not supported with a link or information to give legitimacy; just an insinuation to turn people’s faith in Mike. Now, recall the amount of money Bill and...
  2. OkieAnnie918

    High Crimes and the Senate question.

    While researching various laws and powers of the Senate, an article stated that the Senate has the ability to charge, try/trial and remove politicians, particularly the President and Vice President, if guilty of “High Crimes.” Is this correct? If it is, then what acts would, or could, be...
  3. OkieAnnie918

    Who in the WR has taken, or plans to take, the mRNA Covid virus spike protein inoculation?

    We know Raheem says he will not take it. Has Steve or Dr.Navarro? What about any additional WR regulars have voiced their opinion?
  4. OkieAnnie918

    Biden 72% approval WTH?

    A poll conducted for ABC news reports that 72% approve of Biden’s “handling” of the Corona Virus Pandemic and the 1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief bill......What the heck! I feel in as much disbelief as I did when I woke up on Nov 4, 2020. Did I miss something? Did they only poll the illegals...
  5. OkieAnnie918

    Biden Press Conference

    Is it “normal” for Presidents to have a list of the reporters they are going to allow questions? Also, did anyone notice that immediately after calling on one reporter BEFORE she even got her question out said “oh yes, the filibuster?”
  6. OkieAnnie918

    Peaceful protest, executive orders & border crisis

    Our country is in a fragile state. Are we heading towards a civil war or we will just submit to the communists? Twist on a peaceful protest Many are calling for peaceful protests at the Capital. If it happens, the media and Dems will brush everyone off as deplorables; nothing would change &...
  7. OkieAnnie918

    Fauci: Trump should urge his followers to get vaccinated Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday he wishes former President Donald Trump would use his popularity among Republicans to persuade more of his followers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In a round of interviews on the...
  8. OkieAnnie918

    Peaceful protest louder than words

    I know I am likely “dreaming” however, D.C./congress are recklessly & irresponsibly spending OUR hard earned money. If our children were doing that, we would cut them off financially and force them get a job teaching them to understand the value of a dollar and the work required. What would...
  9. OkieAnnie918

    Declining stock of handguns, in search of..

    I have searched high and low for a H&K VP9SK. If anyone knows of any dealer or owner of one for sale, please send me a personal/direct message
  10. OkieAnnie918

    State & county MAGA chapters. Thoughts?

    Throughout various threads it’s apparent everyone wants positive change. The challenge comes to activate and see the process through. I’m not a politician, thank God, but am getting involved. Many of us are willing to do everything within our power to Make America Great Again. I need guidance...
  11. OkieAnnie918

    Our soldier and my personal regret & apology.

    A few days ago there was a couple of back & forth posts between members. The most heartbreaking and vicious comments were directed toward our military and focused on on-the-ground soldiers and included those injured in battle. They were called cowards, traitors and not worthy of respect. When...
  12. OkieAnnie918

    Umm ah for ah um Raheem uh uh

    Was watching Jen this morning for the press briefing. Unfortunately, RAV did not televise the entire question & answer portion. Like Raheem, the repeated use of umm, ahh & agh is distracting; definitely not a trait of a seasoned professional. So for fun, and Raheem, I counted the number of times...
  13. OkieAnnie918

    Dementia question

    When elderly people are diagnosed with dementia, any legal documents that were created, even before a diagnosis, can be reversed or totally nullified IF the documents were executed by mental incompetence. When Joe is removed from office, is there an argument to get all of his Executive Orders...
  14. OkieAnnie918

    What Chaps Your A**?

    When media says baseless, fictitious, unproven, false and every adverb that implies voter fraud did not happen. Example, any time a crime occurs and a suspect charged no one can claim the suspect is guilty. Media outlets must always say “allegedly” murdered, robbed, lied etc. Before anything can...
  15. OkieAnnie918

    President Trumps Birthday

    Who would be interested in attending a MAGA birthday celebration in honor of President Trump? Invite true Patriots, 2022 election primary candidates who are running against non-patriot Republicans and all of the Real America’s Voice hosts. Nothing too formal, think Sturgis. Is anyone aware of...
  16. OkieAnnie918

    Question for attorneys or anyone that knows law(s)- option for Biden

    Multiple recent videos have displayed Joe’s decreased mental state. Can an injunction be filed to halt all Presidential duties until his mental status evaluated?
  17. OkieAnnie918

    We have a troll, please read

    In response to my post in Dems introduce new Bill to ban Trump (in the news forum) A member, TrumpsATwit, is an angry leftist posting offensive comments about President Trump. I have reported his post but I request we ban together and let him know that those types of comments will not be tolerated.
  18. OkieAnnie918

    Kenneth Hagen 1987 Prophecy

    The seer shall stand on the horizon of time and see that which God has planned and know its purpose. Standing on the horizon of time, he shall look back into the realm of time and see that which the enemy has planned. Yeh, yeh, yeh saith the Lord of hosts – This is the time of restoration. This...
  19. OkieAnnie918

    Live chat features

    I am new to the website and have never participated in a “live chat.” If anyone could please describe and discuss how to use, or not use, the different features for the live chat would be helpful and greatly least by me and probably others. Thank you in advance for your time and...
  20. OkieAnnie918

    Can Trump appeal?

    This entire impeachment BS is BS. Anyone found guilty in a court of law have the ability to an appeal. PLUS, because the Supreme Court Justice refused to be a part of this mess, can President Trump appeal? Can he file a lawsuit based on defamation, harassment or lack of due process?