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    Just my ranting

    The pandemic is not the Wuhan virus, although that is bad enough. The true pandemic is the virus that is rampant in out country's capitol - in our senate, our congress and in our white house. It also is apparently ascendant in several of our state houses. And NO, we don't need to raise taxes. We...
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    January 6th:

    I do believe the democrats are going to be very sorry they are insisting on having an investigation of the "riots" at the capitol. But keep on fighting them so they aren't ready for all the evidence they'll get hit with.
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    Personality Cult?

    You've got to be kidding. It's a groundswell of people who are fed up with being told they are stupid and ignorant and of no consequence; of having having their hard work and money stolen through pork barrel and shipping "aid" and jobs overseas while our citizens are hurting; of having our vots...
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    Republican Cowards?

    Forgive me please, but I have a real hard time believing that McConnel and the other turncoat legislators are lying down because they are afraid of the leftists. I think there's a very good chance they are undercover leftists themselves. And we need to get them OUT.
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    Israeli occupation of their homeland

    Also forgotten, in the current reports of Israel firing on Hamas, are the the thousands of strikes from Hamas on Israel, with many falling short and killing their own children and blaming those deaths on Israel.
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    The Little Guy is not so little!

    When those of us without influence stand together, we are a force.
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    Omigosh . . .

    I just listened to part of Biden "speaking" about our wonderful country. Actually he was almost word for word, paragraph for paragraph, quoting Donald Trump's speeches from the last 5 years. Copying Trump's remarks about us having the greatest workforce in the world and how they are feeling...
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    Israeli occupation of their homeland

    You are thinking of after the Palestinians, the Egyptians and the Arabs all attacked Israel and Israel retaliated in the Six-Day War. I am talking about when the Israelis came back to their homeland and the land the cities lay in ruins; buildings were crumbling from centuries of neglect...
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    Israeli occupation of their homeland

    Why does no one mention that back in the 1940s, when the Jews returned to Israel, it was a wasteland. They rebuilt the country, turning it from desert to arable farmland, and the cities to habitable homes.
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 792 (3/11/2021)

    Has anyone asked mr. abbott why he would attack Gab?
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 792 (3/11/2021)

    Dr. Navarro mentioned the dems having their way with us. This phrase used to refer to a man raping a woman. And that's exactly what progressives are doing to us. Every day since Harris/Biden took office, they have raped us.
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    The future of our nation.

    Let me be clear on one thing. If I am still around in 2024 Currently 82 years old) and Donald J.. Trump runs for president I will vote for him. However, you do realize that 1. He will be 78 years old in 2024...
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    Bannon on Trump's CPAC speech: Nov 3 is not going away

    With the dems rewriting history, do you really think it will make it to the history books at all?