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  1. Citizen X

    Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski Swarmed by Police and Arrested After Holding “Illegal” Church Service

    Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was swarmed by police and arrested after holding an “illegal” church service on Saturday. You may remember Pawlowski as the brave pastor who shouted down police officers who interrupted his church service...
  2. Citizen X

    AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Drops a BOMB!

  3. Citizen X

    Left Is ‘Stroking Out’ After President Trump Announces Return of MAGA Rallies

    The Left will have a real problem in the 2021 elections as the return of President Donald J. Trump’s signature ‘MAGA’ Rallies make a comeback, giving him a massive audience to talk about his endorsements that they can not censor him from. Jason Miller, one of Trump’s long-time senior advisors...
  4. Citizen X

    New Fraud Evidence in Antrim County: 1,061 Votes Not on Voter Rolls, 100% Turnout of 80 year olds

    Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney, gives an update on his lawsuit in Michigan and newly discovered evidence of election fraud in Antrim County.
  5. Citizen X

    'The Walls Will Close In': Kassam Says Great Reckoning Coming for Fauci

    Kassam reveals what the former New York Times writer Nicholas Wade article in means: a great reckoning is coming.
  6. Citizen X

    Mike Lindell: 'I'll Give Dominion a Little Scare, We Have the Machines'

    Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice.
  7. Citizen X

    Navarro: Peter Daszak Will Be Fauci's Fall Guy

    Dr. Peter Navarro breaks down the mainstream media’s coming around to the Wuhan lab theory 16 months late. Navarro reveals the buried ledes of New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade’s origin of the virus deep dive.
  8. Citizen X

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 933 (5/8/2021)

    The Great Reckoning … Walls Close in on Dr. Fauci and New Evidence of Voter Fraud
  9. Citizen X

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 932 (5/8/2021)

    Fauci’s Fall Guy … Absolute Cover Up About Wuhan and Nov. 3
  10. Citizen X

    Liz Cheney ‘traitorous’ secret revealed…

    Liz Cheney secretly orchestrated letter from 10 former Defense Secretaries against Trump Liz Cheney “secretly orchestrated” an op-ed in the Washington Post from all living former secretaries of defense criticizing President Trump’s handling of the military in January, according to the New...
  11. Citizen X

    Pocahontas is getting cocky…

    Liz Warren — ‘We are so close you can taste it’
  12. Citizen X

    Border Patrol Union President: Border Crisis is 100X Worse Than Under Obama

    Brandon Judd gives an update on the disaster on the Southern Border that is being overlooked by the Biden regime.
  13. Citizen X

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 931 (5/7/2021)

    Invade Everywhere, Invite Everyone RINOs