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  1. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2335 (11/29/2022)

    Thought for the day: It comes down to elections, without that remedy, all the pointing fingers, accountability, and mud slinging in courts won't amount to a hill of beans. The Democrats playing with minority issues, while disengaging the threads of our country, They know their ballots are being...
  2. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2332 (11/28/2022)

    As long as it's globally approved to have the bank robbers and the honest citizens fighting out a "global order" instead of international laws to protect our country and citizens, this craziness will continue. Is long overdue to update the international laws to represent the USA and a new...
  3. PoliticalStand

    They’re Not Masters, They’re Phony’s!

    Soros and the rest have had plenty of practice elsewhere to apply what works here. Only way I see to stop all this is through International Sovereignty laws. A new frontier. These laws can't be just about what unites the globe any more.
  4. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2329 (11/25/2022)

    Just an idea,,, We have Space Force, how about development of a new task force "International Law Force of America" to replace international affairs of the CIA, and FBI. To oversee and enforce international laws as it applies to America. International law can include immigration, health...
  5. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2321 (11/22/2022)

    Americans have two oppositions, Biden and Xi's governments. Both sneaky, both underhanded and both who oppress the people. What's the difference? The degree and we better change it. We need a clear headed government to fight the globalists, in order to make our country free again.
  6. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2318 (11/21/2022)

    Another step... If a person made donations from some one else's bank account, then got some of the donation back for doing it, what would that be called? What would stop a person from doing that? Better yet, who would stop a nation from doing that? Some FBI and CIA must be getting a piece...
  7. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2314 (11/18/2022)

    Thought for the day: Middle class America needs to take over the American government. It's that simple, yet is that complicated. If that can ever be accomplished, the upper class will have restrictions and the lower class will have opportunity. America can't lead the world right, until we...
  8. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2308 (11/16/2022)

    If government can't make a change with the Supreme Court, then the people must take the action to go straight to the Supreme Court. There has to be a legal means to keep all in check, otherwise it will be overlooked and mishandled as you noted. Putting the action on all ballots can get the...
  9. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2308 (11/16/2022)

    Looking ahead, obviously paper ballots and closing the border can take care of the problem temporarily, but what will keep illegal immigrants out for good? Legislation to protect legal American voting rights that can't be manipulated, changed or neglected can stop the Democrat immigration push...
  10. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2302 (11/14/2022)

    Perhaps the Republicans should save ballots for ends of elections. (Ambush) This is getting too predictable.
  11. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2291 (11/9/2022)

    What is lacking in our government is strict rules/laws for government officials with clear cut consequences, including but not limited to salaries, following established laws, media affiliation and dutiful FBI to follow it up with their own rules/laws established. Government employee...
  12. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2290 (11/9/2022)

    Know all are busy...just want to make a comment. I wouldn't be surprised if California is the "Election Service Providers" of the country for printed ballots ahead of time.
  13. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2282 (11/5/2022)

    Down the road: One sided politics must end in D.C. R&R (repair and replace) the right and then the left so America can walk normal like a better united country. A lot of rehab beginning in 2023. Let's make the globalists receive their just rewards for selling out, crippling our country through...
  14. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2248 (10/23/2022)

    The old saying of bad apples in every barrel holds true for parents. That's why there is an abuse registry, which am sure the Democrats are trying to change if not already. A solid abuse registry in every state is likely under attack, just like our police enforcement across the country...
  15. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2231 (10/17/2022)

    Thought for the day: Will Americans be stripped of their personal rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness even more with the "digital dollar"? Freedom of privacy, and the right to it already gone? Will money sanctions be part of these digital accounts promoting...
  16. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2229 (10/15/2022)

    Looking ahead, D.C. government standards initiated are the only way to save the USA living standards. It is the one election point that can't be disputed. The most unfavorable time for illegal immigration, war & crime. Beginning Jan. the pushback will begin at twice the pace and intensity than...
  17. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2223 (10/13/2022)

    We have Lincoln sitting in statue in all his glory, while Washington D.C. has become no more than a paid off plantation of slaves to the global rich, while the American people want a free D.C. to be able to work and prosper. We have all become slaves, for different reasons. How ironic. The...
  18. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2213 (10/8/2022)

    Down the road... What this country needs are MAGA Republicans in D.C. with a MAGA Mayor and the population to go with it in 10 years...tearing up their crappy bookkeeping and foreign policy politics (ETC.>....) Make D.C. (Swamp City) great again! That is really where all this mess needs to end...
  19. PoliticalStand

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 2205 (10/5/2022)

    Thank goodness we have President Trump with tv/media experience to represent the people who truly represent the best interests of our country...the people. The more the mainstream media pushes one way politics oppression commercials, the more the people will disbelieve it. Our country is based...
  20. PoliticalStand

    War Room Battleground - Episode 150 (10/3/2022)

    Tracking system for electoral mail is not too much to ask of USPS. How else can ballots be monitored? A new department with USPs or elsewhere needs to be established for accountability. It's that important.