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    Fauci Can't Hide From His Lies Anymore

    Simply trying to prevent this in the future is not enough and makes Rand Paul sound like controlled opposition. Tiny Fauci and his crew are responsible for the death and destruction of many human lives.
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    Grandpa with a .22 doesn’t play games

    I agree with you, however, your view point only works under normal sane societal conditions. The police have been weakened and criminals who commit crimes such as the ones in this story go free right away or soon after arrest. Until that changes, you will be seeing more of this man.
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    80-Year-Old Store Owner Turns the Tables on Armed Robber

    I hope they got a ticket for parking in the handicap parking spot.
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    Parents Selling Their Children

    You are completely wrong about Asian history. I have lived in Japan for 40 years and am a student of the culture and history. Throughout Asia, for as long as there has been culture, prostitution has been quite common including child prostitution. One of the reasons is that Asian people do not...
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    Parents Selling Their Children

    Not poverty - laziness, greed, immorality
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    Economic Crisis Coming To China

    Krugman, the shithead, never mentions that while job growth is up on paper, small businesses were decimated by the COVID hoax and protocols implemented by the government.
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    Backfire: CNN Discovers NOBODY in Wyoming Likes Liz Cheney

    Real Americans in Wyoming. Keep the escaping liberal Californians out of your beautiful state. When they come ice them, isolate them, make them feel unwanted in every way until they move the Hell out.
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    "This Is a Bombshell" - New Evidence on "The Big Guy" Just Surfaced

    Sorry, but that is no bombshell. Really, the war room should stop using hyperbolic headlines. Using the same term "big guy" is not evidence. Where is the 10%, the money. That's the evidence they need - the money trail.
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    New hallway video from Uvalde shooting emerges, NO ONE can believe it

    I'm appalled that they weren't wearing face masks.
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    More than $8 per gallon in California… How much is gas where you live…

    I am not a slave now and No, I wouldn't beg to be a slave then. However, those people that are slaves now will beg for the Reset after government has made them even more miserable than they are now. One of the features of the Reset will be greater central control of money itself. So in the...
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    More than $8 per gallon in California… How much is gas where you live…

    Not only will they not mind the reset, they will beg their leaders for it.
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    Social Justice Warrior Educator Makes Himself Look Like a Fool in Front of Congress

    Perhaps he wouldn't mind if we use Black on White rape statistics for the bar graph.
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    How does a human body lying lifeless? on the floor take a head shot from 5 feet and show no injury?
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    Is This the Dumbest Comment a Democrat Rep. Has Ever Made?

    According to this idiot, the Supreme Court doesn't have the right to change this law now but did have the right to change it 50 years ago. Actually, the ruling 50 years ago was the judicial error.
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    Bongino TORCHES Clueless Democrat on Hunter Biden's Laptop

    I wasn't aware that reading a receipt required an IT degree.
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    Bongino TORCHES Clueless Democrat on Hunter Biden's Laptop

    They never give an example of disinformation from Russia. Meanwhile, we have had an endless stream of disinformation from the US government and US media.
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    "Woke liberal" knocks doors for Beto O'Rourke, gets HILARIOUS reactions

    The funny thing no one can really tell if this is real or satire. That is how bizarre this country has become.
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    Thousands Turn Out for LA Defeat the Mandates Rally

    Naomi has big hair. Is she Southern?