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  1. Popsinpa60

    Pennsylvania is Key to Senate

    Fetterman is a communist. I pray we the people of Pennsylvania all vote Republican. There are too many diehard Democrats in Pa. I have not seen any signs for Fetterman so I'm praying we take all the seats. Also we need to send Matt Cartwright home for good.
  2. Popsinpa60

    Hungarian leader BRINGS DOWN HOUSE at CPAC with message to "globalists"

    I agree. I wish I could help them Go To Hell.
  3. Popsinpa60

    Biden: I Sleep With a Teacher Every Night

    Why don't you look it up monochromatic eyes my father had them and my daughter has them depending on what color she has on her eyes change color from Gray to Blue add from Blue to gray to green.
  4. Popsinpa60

    Biden: I Sleep With a Teacher Every Night

    It's called monochromatic eyes. My father had gray eyes but if he had a blue shirt on he had blue eyes if he had a green shirt on he had grey eyes. His eyes change colors on background called monochromatic look it up.
  5. Popsinpa60

    Naomi Wolf: true colors and caught out

    And she self admits she was a Hardcore Leftist. She has had a epiphany and has had her eyes opened with the events of the past 2 years. She is a trusted friend now to the Conservative Party.
  6. Popsinpa60


    Fu*k off I'm a Sovereign Nation. I listen to Gods Word. I will protect my God Given Rights till they pry my weapons from my cold dead hands. I know Many People Who Will Be Right By My Side. ❤🇺🇸
  7. Popsinpa60

    Beattie on Media’s Coverage of Ukraine: “A non-stop drum beat for escalation toward war.”

    Turn the state of Delaware into a prison round them all up and lock them away.
  8. Popsinpa60

    Turning the Public Against the Regime

    Soros hates Putin because Putin does not support Globalization.
  9. Popsinpa60

    Dr. Zelenko speaks out…

    I find that suspicious. Why cremation ASAP???
  10. Popsinpa60

    "They're Just Making It Up" - Gov. DeSantis Fires Back at Media Rumors He's Feuding With Trump

    I'm sorry I just noticed you used wikipedia as a source. I do not believe even 1/4 of what they publish. Steven Crowder just did a show about them. He provides evidence live on air of how the have a left leaning bias.
  11. Popsinpa60

    DAMNING Report: Biden to Blame for Afghanistan Withdrawal Chaos

    We have to get involved. This election we all have to be involved not just voting working at polls. Working with/for America First Candidates. In Pennsylvania I'm door knocking & phone calls for Mastriano and Teddy Daniels. We need Republicans running our State. I have never been so involved...
  12. Popsinpa60

    RNC Overwhelmingly Votes to Censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

    I think Cheney's constituents will do that is long as there is no shadiness in the election. I would be surprised if she got 2% of the vote the people of Wyoming are fed up with her.
  13. Popsinpa60

    COMPILATION: Why Absolutely NO ONE Should Trust CNN in Two Minutes

    I guess I'm a terrorist. Gee I always thought speaking out against government overreach was protected by the 1st Amendment. Well I do remember that the 2nd Amendment is to protect myself from a Tyrannical Government. Something about a Militia. And something in the 4th Amendment oh well I guess...
  14. Popsinpa60

    RNC Overwhelmingly Votes to Censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger

    The RNC will not give them any money that the RNC raises. Liz Cheney will raise more money from warmongers than any thing that the RNC would give her.
  15. Popsinpa60

    CNN's Stelter: I Think Chris Cuomo Is Trying to Burn Our Network Down

    CNN sign their death warrant a long time ago. It all started with FAKE NEWS. We can only hope the Rest of the Main Stream Media will Fall By There Own Hands. ❤🇺🇸
  16. Popsinpa60

    Whoops he died

    I'm out this platform is turning into a cesspool buy by
  17. Popsinpa60

    Devin Nunes Slams Big Tech's Hunter Biden Coverup

    We can not allow Biden to send Troops. One if we take back House and Senate Ukraine will be indebted to him and if we need any information from Ukraine as far as Biden and Hunter Biden are concerned we won't get it. Two our Troops are not needed either way by boots on the ground or with NATO...
  18. Popsinpa60

    Breaking — Islamic terrorist takes hostages in Texas synagogue…sister in prison for terrorism…

    Hostage Taker is Dead. This is confirmed. Causes of Death unknown at this Time. This is what I heard on the news at 6 a.m. Sunday morning.