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  1. Tobi

    need magas for sept 6th in los angeles

    Im on the board of directors at park la brea a community of 11,000 people in los angeles. They are so damn liberal they love karen bass. I almost quit but I'm allowed to bring in candidates as well. so the next meeting sept 6th they announced yesterday that Shifty Shiff is coming to that...
  2. Tobi

    Candidates for city counsel are coming to speak would love support

    I live in park la brea in los angeles has 11,000 residents. I joined the Board to make a difference. I would love some coaching from anyone experienced with public speaking, questions to ask (without getting my head blown up by all the liberals who live here!) I supposed what is inportant...
  3. Tobi

    can't access the war room from americas voice (at least today)

    "there are no accidents" I hope they are not trying to keep war room from getting out. i was able to access it on Getyr but i liked the way it works on real americas voice cause i can watch it in stages.
  4. Tobi

    Ukraine not a democracy?

    watch Tucker tonight, hes commenting that those in power in our government are supporting zalinski because he has a one party system. He s shutting down any opposition to him and shutting off T.V. stations. Zalinski has stashed his millions off shore. His guest Maajid Nawaz also said the...
  5. Tobi

    murder of Jan 6th protester

    Apparantly they have video of a capitol policeman literally beating a woman to death and NOTHING HAPPENED to him! Now they are breaking down doors, stealing phones and ipads, beating (to death) maga supporters, and imprisoning prisoners for no reason. Do we just do nothing about it? how can i...
  6. Tobi


    My neighbor who is from china has her mom visiting her here. We were dicussing various things and the Uyghurs came up. She didn't believe it!! She said this must be propoganda and the china also claims the U.S. is doing terrible things. I told her Id email her clips most likely from the war...
  7. Tobi

    project veritas exposes Fauci

  8. Tobi

    NEWSOME sends the national guard to california
  9. Tobi

    Discussions with my OBGYN Doc about the vacceine

    During my annual exam of course my doc asked me if i got my flu vacceine. "no." What about the Covid vacceine: "never". THEN he asked if my 12 year old twin girls got it--I said THEYRE 12!!! So it began. I asked if i could send him some articles and he gave me his email. He's the head...
  10. Tobi

    new virus varient deadly??

    my friend knows someone who apparantly has close ties to military intelligence. He said this omnicron is virus 28 and there is a new one called 'virus 48" which is deadly. I didn't want him to see me write it down so now i can't remember exactly somewhere in a french providence or something...
  11. Tobi


    This morning on cspan folks were calling in about the most memorable part of 2021. Nearly EVERYONE were magas bringing up Jan 6th sham, virus failure...Steve is spot on with independents. When asked "how do you know it wasn't trump fans who did all the violence" (and a clip was shown). The lady...
  12. Tobi

    Jan 6th political prisoners

    I contacted a jewish organization who visit prisoners, brings kosher food and other needed things. Its called the Aleph institute. the contact person is Rabbi Katz 305 725-2439 I spoke briefly with him on friday an he said to contact him today or monday. I'm trying to locate cynthia huges...
  13. Tobi

    SUCCESS in LEAVING public school

    I've been in contact with many of the moms who have kids in the all girls charter school (it's a STEM school too) my girls were in last year. I"ve been warning them about what the public schools are teaching and they didn't believe me. They do now, and several have left the school and are in...
  14. Tobi

    Parents rejecting masks
  15. Tobi

    President trump, political prisoners

    Watching president trump while addressing letters to the political prisoner patriots . So uplifting! Hope the letters do get to them does anyone know??
  16. Tobi


    did you all hear the commitee hearing today on CSPAN about the origins of the virus? Jim Jordon and others making damning statements about fauci , noted NOT ONE democrat attended, the guilty scientists did not attend. One of the speakers told how bias the scientist were about Trump. Many...
  17. Tobi

    The Stew Peters show

    I just found The stew Peters show on podbean. listened to the podcast from yesterday. What does the was room citizens think of his information? talked about how nancy pelosi planned the entire Jan 6th and named a person i think the sergent of arms who hes pleading to come forward. Amazing...
  18. Tobi

    Discrimination in Public school in california

    my 11 year old daughters are in a charter public school. One is in Journalism and the censorship has started. She wrote an article about the vaccine. The teacher told us her references were fake (simone Gold and Her first article was about President trumps peace...
  19. Tobi

    Public schools

    public school is already censoring my 11 year old daughter. She first wrote an article about the middle east peace deal that President Trump led. That was hard enough to get through. the second article was about the vaccine. she's in a journalism class. He said the sources we quoted like...