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    The One Question About the FBI Raid Democrats CANNOT Answer

    What about Americans being able to provide for their basic needs ?
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    GINGRICH warns of POST-Constitutional America

    The Lincoln that by his courage and resolve abolished slavery in America destroyed the Constitution ? Now that is what is laughable. #twistedmind
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    Bernard Kerik Says Democrats May Try to Orchestrate Trump’s ‘Assassination’

    This has discreetly crossed the minds of millions of people around the world without a doubt. As a last resort to solve the Trump “problem”. “They” would absolutely orchestrate a plan.
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    Here’s the Dick Cheney video…

    It’s looks like someone unlocked the crypt and let “Deadeye Dick” out long enough to embarrass himself. Damn that was hard to watch. 🥴😖😬
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    ‘Release The Tapes’: Steve Cortes ‘Counterpunches’ The Jan 6 Committee For Hiding Facts And Evidence

    Yep…that and the fact the the Mayor of DC, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. All 3 refused DJT’s lawful request for the National Guard to protect the Capital.
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    The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate And The Plot To Remove The President

    Nixon opened us up to China. It was said and many still do say it was his finest hour I beg to differ. In 1971 he took the USA off the gold standard and printed tons of money to fund his Vietnam War policy. We’ve been paying for that blunder ever since. Then Watergate and Ford pardons him. No...
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    Trump Tried to Warn Us

    I’ve watched AMERICA in decline for decades. Since Kennedy was assassinated it’s been downhill. Some of the biggest blunders include Nixon opening us up to China. We were told it was Nixons finest hour. It was not. In 1971 Nixon removed the US from the gold standard to and printed tons of...
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    Uncle of Uvalde Victim SLAMS Media and Politicians for Using Tragedy to Push Gun Control

    Read this…it will send chills up your spine !
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    UNHINGED Democrat threatens to upend entire system to ban guns

    This is what they really want.
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    Joe Rogan Says What EVERYONE Is Thinking About Jan 6 and the FBI

    This is why Joe Rogan is so popular.
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    Infamous George Soros Interview: "No Remorse" for Collaborating With Nazis

    He has “demon”strated his entire life he’s an atheist and is proud of it. He’s also an inherit Jew so it says much about his character. Or lack thereof. The good news is he is 91 so he will be meeting our maker and life judge sooner rather than later. The bad news is he has groomed his sons to...
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    Trump vs. Piers Morgan interview gets HEATED: "Turn the camera off!"

    Why would he do an interview with PeeWee Morgan ?
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    Rush Limbaugh prediction…

    Telling Twitter hasn’t taken this down.
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    “What they did in October of 2020 was treason!”

    “Certain Federal Agencies” - Like the 3 letter ones?
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    Steve Cortes and Bill Barr’s Conflicting Statements on Voting Procedure

    I never ever trusted “Blow Hard Bill” from the get go. First time this photo surfaced I knew Barr is Washington establishment swamp. My blood boils every time I see or hear him. I imagine seeing these three corrupt “good ‘ol boys” back slapping each other at parties and back rooms. Sickening...
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    "IT'S TIME TO RUMBLE !!!" THIS IS HUGE & doesn't surprise me due to the Biden'$ Family Tie$ with Hunter & Ukraine involving Billion$ of $TOLEN U.$....

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.