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    War Room Broadcast Sabotaged??

    Please help me understand… here in Idaho, I watch the morning War Room from 8 to 10am over my house antenna on Boise digital station KRID-LD channel 22.1. This morning, the channel was blank, and much later a “technical difficulties” screen, yet the other KRID digitals 22.2,22.3,22.4 etc up...
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    Dump Idaho RINO Crapo, but don't forget to dump the other Idaho RINO Risch

    Yes dump the useless RINO Crapo. A career grifter with 3 terms House, starting 1992, followed by 6 terms Senate, starting 1998. Now in upcoming May 2022 primary vs. young Republican Jeremy Joseph Gilbert. The top 3 highlights of Crapo's service as a politician include: 1) 2) 3) As for Idaho...
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    Pastor Pawlowski and his brother arrested by canadian gestapo nazis

    How despicable this story, it speaks volumes about evil canada... see the stories and videos at