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    Well, well, well. Maybe it will be 9 - 0.

    Comment just about Biden/Trump. I remember that Trump brought up the question of Biden's citizenship while Biden was running for office. ....Thus the hate? Is that when it started?
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    WE CAUGHT THEM: New Evidence Could Land Raffensperger In Prison

    Stacey has a new AD. Help her fight for democracy or some such thing. They all need a dictionary or what used to be called encyclopedias. I cringe at the lies. When people wake up and realize how much they have been lied to, I wonder what they will do. Watching some of these podcasts, like...
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    A GOOD ONE !! "The Biden Immigration Plan"

    Some levity. I can use it !
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    The decreasing testosterone levels makes sense. What seems like an increase in gay males has more to do with hormones than it does the courage to "come out". There often is evidence of more feminine traits in some men.
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    The biggest news of the last ten years

    Same question: Have you looked at his thumbs?
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    The biggest news of the last ten years

    One thing I can say...WAY TOO MUCH of Biden to look at!!
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    Mike Lindell desparately needs to change !!!!

    Once the machines are proven to be able to hook up to the internet, ALL of the lawsuits filed by Dominion will be thrown out. Having Mike sue Dominion is a good way for Mike to be reimbursed for all the losses he, his company, and any friends and acquaintances harmed by the DOMINION FRIVOLOUS...
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    Mike Lindell desparately needs to change !!!!

    In the photo with the queen, these look like Joe Biden's thumbs. weird. Top left do not?
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    Mike Lindell desparately needs to change !!!!

    The thing I found out the hard way is to get it out of the stream as soon as It comes in. Maybe her findings ARE archived somewhere and not TOTALLY gone.? An email she sent someone? Is it archived on her own emails? Same goes for text messages. MOVE THEM or when you go back they might have...
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    Mike Lindell desparately needs to change !!!!

    If you have the experience, background and can meet his specific requirement YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR HIS JULY NERD EVENT. He is asking for input. Check out Steve's podcast when Mike is talking about this. He has a lot more composure then when he started this journey to show HOW the elections were...
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    The biggest news of the last ten years

    On your 4:20 post the #1 photo - real Biden & Jill. #2 photo - ? Biden look a like BUT SHE IS NOT JILL #3 photo _ This is Jill. Also Yesterday hand photos. Biden has a curved thumb automatically when he raises his hand. Next hand photo = STRAIGHT thumb. Definitely different hands. Have you...
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    John Fredericks Spells Out How Trump Will Be Proven The Winner In GA

    America did not have an ELECTION DAY. We had election MONTHS. And weeks. & days. & years. Concerned & upset consumers IMMEDIATELY began exposing irregularites, & outright disregard for VOTING RULES in their state/precinct. Some were listened to, meetings were held, ONLINE media reported these...