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    Kevin McCarthy fighting anti trust legislation

    Hopefully Trump is paying attention. McCain reincarnated sums it up. He’s globalist all the way who throws the dog a bone every so often to keep the dog thinking he loves it.
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    Kevin McCarthy fighting anti trust legislation

    Kevin McCarthy making sure you stay censored. No good rino. Nothing changes as long as people keep voting for him. What a total disgrace.
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    I noticed that as well. Up until now Bribem was all about defending the Ukraine. Putin made Bribem his little bitch.
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    GA Audit Finds Significant Election Failures - Could Flip State

    Decertify in Arizona and Georgia would be a great start. Looks more like an if at the moment and still need one more state to follow suit to start the screaming about lack of electoral votes Biden didn’t get. I’m not sure that would get the republicans off their asses.
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    GA Audit Finds Significant Election Failures - Could Flip State

    The lack of urgency concerns me. The continued destruction of this nation by the uniparty keeps speeding up by the day. Pence giving a speech to a crowd of people booing him is the only good news I’ve seen today. He knows the fix is in no matter what he runs for unless the fraud is announced and...
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    Ana Paulina Luna received death threats

    That guys political career should be over along with a good term in prison. What an idiot.
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    Eric Clapton

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    Eric Clapton

    Ha ha, he’s 21 now. He can do the rest of the buying. He tried Gibson’s and Martins and long list of others. He tried the whole line of Taylor’s on the same day and kept going back and picking up the KOA. My jaw dropped at the checkout line. Lol I’m hard of hearing but gotta say the bright sound...
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    Eric Clapton

    Thanks. I still feel awful about losing the videos. I watched and listened to them often. He loved me taking him to the guitar center on the weekends to tryout different guitars and to pawn shops where you sometimes run into a good deal on guitars. One Saturday morning at a pawnshop an elderly...
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    Eric Clapton

    We put our son through 7 years of guitar lessons with a very talented music teacher who demanded perfection. At 13 years old my son played those Clapton songs flawlessly on an acoustic. If you closed your eyes and listened you couldn’t tell it wasn’t Clapton playing. I had videos I’d done on my...
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    Eric Clapton

    I had covid before vaccines were available. I haven’t been tested for immunity but am confident I now have some immunity should it come back around. I’ve read much about the vaccines. It looks like it would benefit an older age group more than others. I’m appalled they’re giving it to children...
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    Eric Clapton

    That’s an awfully wide brush you’re using to paint with. Music has developed none stop over the years by musicians of all persuasions implementing into their own what they’ve learned elsewhere. Clapton is a wonderful musician along with countless britts.
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    Bush literally stands with Democrats!😲

    He was a filthy globalist then as he still is now. The old man was as bad or worse.
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    Is Michele Obama a man?

    Larry Sinclair was warned not to publish his book regarding his drug and sex acts with Obama. Obviously he paid the price. What’s that poking out and swinging around in a number of different dresses big Mike wears?
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    Obama blames ‘White America’…

    He’s still full of s***. He knows trouble is on the way.