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  1. Tobi

    DC Mayor Confronted on Vax Mandates - Says Her Own Numbers Are Wrong

    Blah blah blah were over it
  2. Tobi

    Laura Ingraham — ‘Maybe it’s time to turn the page on Trump’…

    Lost all respect for her. Shame. Another one bites the dust. They'll all be left behind with out overwhelming victory. Good ridence
  3. Tobi

    Sharyl Attkisson Shares SHOCKING Story of FBI Targeting Her Family

    Exactly proves my point of my last comment with Boris. What if they did that at maralago? The media will run with it, they could criminally charge him. We can't just wait till January
  4. Tobi

    The FBI ‘Has No Business’ Stealing President Trump’s Personal Items As They’ve Done

    There's got to be more to do then wait till January. I wish the Republicans would gain a spine and refuse to show up at all in congress and senate. Or just wait around while our leaders like steve bannon, Peter Navarro, president Trump get abused? The jailed Jan 6th who are dying and...
  5. Tobi

    The FBI ‘Has No Business’ Stealing President Trump’s Personal Items As They’ve Done

    I wish president Trump would release the footage of the fbi raiding his home.
  6. Tobi

    50% for the Big Guy? New Texts Reveal More DAMNING Info on Hunter

    Gotta make this go viral
  7. Tobi

    Bizarre video from North Korea…

    Who speaks korean?
  8. Tobi

    Jesse Watters: Meet the Liberal Librarian Behind the FBI's Trump Raid

    Irrefutable evidence but now what? Where's the action, action from the Republicans? They STILL got a deal with weaponizing IRS thru. Can that be reversed when we take over?
  9. Tobi

    MAGA’s ‘A Storm Coming From Mar-a-Lago Heading To Washington DC’

    so obvious what the dems are up to. Dirty FBI, CIA, justice dept. headed by the embarasingly "Adams Family" folks in charge. exposed now.
  10. Tobi

    The CDC Finally Admitted The Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Have Same Protections

    maybe this raid on Trump will wake folks up. Seems rinos and some dems also are outraged over this. haven't read anywhere about the CDC latest finally telling the truth but the truth will prevail in all matters just hope more magas don't get hurt in the crossfier.
  11. Tobi

    President Trump releases video response…

    We have a strong maga army