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I grew up in Redford Township, Michigan, which borders Detroit on the west side. Like most people, I grew up as a Democrat when the Party was normal!

I went to Michigan State University, so I am a Spartan NOT a University of Michigan Wolverine. I do cheer for U of M when they play Ohio State since that game is a state of Michigan against Ohio. I remember Coach Woody Hayes of Ohio State kicking a yard marker and punching a reporter - yes Woody punched a reporter and did not have to retreat to a Sanctuary City or get cancelled!

That reminds me of a great victory in November - prior to Trump's 2 victories in November 16 & 20. After graduating from MSE in June of 1974, MSU beat No. 1 Ohio State on November 9, 1974 that took about 1 hour after the game was over to decide that MSU beat OSU 16 to 13. Watch the video of fullback Levi Jackson, yes fullback, break through MSU's 12-yard line and out-sprint OSU for a 88-yard touchdown to give MSU the lead. OSU was thought to have scored with no time left to win the game, but that was not to be.

I moved to Houston in July 1974 to take an engineering job and to get the needed Sunshine minus the Snow of Michigan, when Houston was still a great city. Moved to Austin in fall of 1975 when it was weird but still normal if that makes sense and left in the fall of 1977 with a masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering (should say the old name is "Soil and Foundation Engineering" since how could I expect that the DEPLORABLES would know what Geotechnical means LOL! - I can say this because I am now one of President Trump's Deplorables).

Married on May 30, 1976 midway through graduate program, and after graduation, I took a job back in Houston where the jobs were. Houston was still a great city then. I should mention that Austin beat out San Diego in 1983 to win the Microelectronics Consortium, which resulted in coining Austin as "Silicon Gulch" and that would start the wave of migration of "Big Tech" to Austin. Austin had the moniker "Keep Austin Weird" prior to the California migration, and still has that moniker which can be found on road signs in Austin. I should note that Portland, Oregon also has the same moniker, which does not bode well for Austin.

The Democratic Mayor and power base did shut Austin down and homeless residents (what an Oxymoron) have started to impact Austin's downtown, which is the best I have been in of large cities. It is now safe to walk in all directions from downtown! If cities want to solve the homeless problem, which generally involves drug addicts and related crime, watch the video below of a documentary by the TV station KOMO of Seattle talking about their out-of-control homeless problem and how another BLUE state, Rhode Island, solved theirs, which begs the question why are not other BLUE cities looking at Rhode Island's solution?


By the way, if the Austin politicians had decided to start acquiring right of way in 1983 to expand highways, Austin would not be in the "jam" that they are today with the horrendous traffic. Well, seldom do politicians do the right thing for the American people!

Houston's building boom stopped cold in 1982, which eventually resulted in moving the family back to suburban Detroit in 1985 shortly after the huge snow storm pelted Austin with 11 inches of snow that I drove in to head back to Houston. Stayed in Detroit area for 20 years until a divorce changed life forever, so I moved to San Antonio in fall of 2005 believing that Detroit would eventually crash, which it did.

After having walked away from Catholicism when I was 18 years old, I became a "born again Christian" in 2006 . Some time after that while I took my walk at Community Bible Church, my turning point came when I went from being "Pro Choice" to "Pro Life" - it just seemed like it happened over-night! And yes, I began the transition from Democrat to Republican.

It took nearly 10 years to find my 2nd wife Lesley. We considered getting married on May 30, 2015, but that would have been on the same day of my 1st marriage, so instead, we got married on May 16. Unfortunately, about 10 weeks later we found out that she had Stage 4 Bladder Cancer and she nearly died then; however, a Christian Doctor, who was not supposed to be on duty, saved her life. She fought it until it was time to go home about 3 months later on November 3. When she passed, I said I will see you in about 20 to 30 years!

I recovered from the loss of Lesley and still am working at age 69 years young with a consulting firm. I have worked at home for the past year, which has provided a good transition. I will be cutting back to 1 to 2 days a week in April 2021 that will allow me to travel and work on projects in a consulting role, rather than managing projects, from anywhere in the world that allows me to connect to the internet.

That's my story to date!

December 18


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