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    “I’m Not a Vet but I Know What a Dog Is” - Trans Activist Gets Schooled

    I would love to have a talk with that little freak ! You know what those transgender freaks need ? I’ll tell what would fix this stupid sh..! You beat their ass every time they bring that stupid sh.. up I’m tired of seeing those freaks on tv !
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    VP Harris Makes Her Most DELUSIONAL Comment Yet

    We are the laughing stock of the world! With joe and the hoe in there ! They have to go now before it’s to late !
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    NYC Mayor Attempts to Explain Why Only Toddlers Have to Wear Masks

    did they really vote that fool to be mayor ?
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    More questions about Ukraine Biolabs

    you know fauci sent our money over there to fund the labs ! And I’m sure bill gates and big pharma are behind the labs . Now there will be a new virus come out of there real soon ! Just in time for the election.
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    Psaki PANICS, face-plants when asked if Biden owns an electric car

    Little red lying hood spinning the lie ! And circle back on the lie she told today and think of a better lie for tomorrow! She is such a joke ! Have you looked at the eyes of her and biden and mark zuckerberg? There is something going on with their eyes !
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    Psaki vs. Reality

    Little red lying hood can lie with a straight face ! She sold her soul a long time ago !
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    Jussie Smollett LOSES IT After Being Sentenced to JAIL

    The race card comes out . I knew it would .
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    Psaki looks STUNNED to learn Biden once supported actual anti-gay school policy

    Look who it is little red lying hood ! That thing cant tell the truth about anything!
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    "Here We Are Again" - Chip Roy ERUPTS on House Floor

    There are only a few of them left in the government that try and do something for the people .
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    Biden: Here I Am - You're Stuck With Me

    I bet he cheated then to . I know he lied !
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    Reporter reads statements from REAL Americans to Psaki's face

    look who it is little red lying hood with her lie of the day ! Tune in tomorrow for a bigger better lie !
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    VP Harris Now Almost Less Coherent Than Joe Biden

    That has to be the stupidest b…h ! She talks likes she’s three !
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1684 (3/4/2022)

    Steve why do you even have Peter on the show ? You don’t let him talk ! And when you do you and him talk over each other ! You do it with most of your quest. They took time to do your show . So show some respect and let them talk . I was raised to not interrupt when somebody it talking . Ok...
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    Buttigieg Seeks to Abolish Death

    What a waste of good air ! That fag is worthless!