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  1. statusquobuster

    Major Medical Mystery: Why Some People Despite Exposure Don’t Get COVID

    A global medical mystery is being aggressively pursued by medical researchers. The core issue is that a relatively small fraction of people despite high exposure to COVID have not gotten ill with COVID infection. Think of health workers in hospitals in contact with many seriously ill COVID...
  2. statusquobuster

    Seniors getting screwed by Medicare Advantage Plans

    Read this to get the truth:
  3. statusquobuster

    New COVID death data

    Billions of dollars did not curb deaths:
  4. statusquobuster

    FEW doctors telling truth about covid vaccines

    Read this to get the truth:
  5. statusquobuster

    Is there a cure for long COVID?

    Read this incredible article; really well researched; every long COVID victim needs to read this:
  6. statusquobuster

    How evidence based medicine got killed

    This helps explain how one million people have died from COVID and over one million bad adverse impacts from COVID vaccines happened; read this now: or...
  7. statusquobuster

    Use Russian wealth gained by sanctions to rebuild Ukraine

    Read the details in this bold new article:
  8. statusquobuster

    Long COVID victims must learn this to save their lives

    Read this now to learn what the medical establishment is missing:
  9. statusquobuster

    New excess death study omits vaccine deaths!

    Get the whole story here:
  10. statusquobuster

    Hot news: COVID home test kits do not work

    Read this immediately:
  11. statusquobuster

    Hydroxychloroquine found beneficial for hospital COVID patients

    Read this important new article:
  12. statusquobuster

    Dr. Zelenko speaks out…

    Do not miss this important new article on micro blood clots:
  13. statusquobuster

    Time to connect the blood clots

    Do not miss this important new article on micro blood clots:
  14. statusquobuster

    "Florida has Defeated Faucism" - Gov. DeSantis RIPS Lockdown Hypocrites

    Do not miss this important new article on micro blood clots:
  15. statusquobuster

    More disinformation on ivermectin

    Read this hot new article: