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    WarRoom Sound and Volume Consistency

    Excellent! Will be much appreciated. With SKB we never know if it might be too technical for him.
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    WarRoom Sound and Volume Consistency

    Hey Guys! Is there any way to improve on the sound quality and consistent volume of the show? I have listened regularly since the beginning of WarRoom Impeachment and enjoy and applaud the content but the sound is killing us... particularly lately. Can we improve the consistency of the volume...
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    Mike Lindell: 'Game Changer' Election Fraud News Coming Out of Michigan

    Of course, this is not official but I think there are still errors and/or attacks. It does not appear to be working yet.
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    ARIZONA AUDIT: The process has already identified 250,000 illegal ballots cast for Biden?

    Does anyone know if the hand count part of the audit is going to be for the presidential race only or will they recount congress and senator, etc. races as well? Of course we want President Trump back as soon as possible, but if the two Arizona senators (now democrats) can be replaced then at...
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    FRANKly, I'm disappointed

    I entered my phone number and received a text message with a code that I entered on the website to confirm my phone number but nothing else... Who knows if it's going to work or not. I had similar issues with Clouthub and Gab which eventually got things working kind of.
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    I agree with you on one point ... "Listening is a lost art". I can and did listen to you but you can't seem to listen to Mike Lindell who has earned at least your attention to an issue that does and will certainly directly affect you. Nobody cares about your opinion of his pillows or his...
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    You make a good point here ... but we should all keep in mind that we have the same goal and constructive criticism should be constructive to be received.
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    Mike Lindell & Lawsuits

    If Dominion doesn't shut this up they will be out of business ... so no downside for them
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    Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant

    They must REALLY hate cops ... I predict many will be shot entering homes without a warrant. Think Breanna Taylor...
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    Once Election Fraud Is Proven - What Will TRUMP Do?

    Certainly there are many shortcomings in our country. Many in this country have made mistakes. However there is still good in this country too. None of us can know ALL the details of God's plan...I certainly don't claim to understand everything, but you have pointed out some VERY GOOD reasons...
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    War Room is nearly completely ignoring the most important challenge ahead of us. Why?

    I agree with you that ELECTION INTEGRITY is the most important issue ... but we can't ignore or forget what happened in 2020 and think we are going to win in the future. You should check out This is something that was...
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    Once Election Fraud Is Proven - What Will TRUMP Do?

    I agree Rick Scott is little better than Mittens Romney.
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    War Room is nearly completely ignoring the most important challenge ahead of us. Why?

    Unfortunately I think that attitude is too prevalent. I agree the RINOs are worse than useless... and we should definitely primary every one of the RINOs ... ONLY MAGA CANDIDATES! We have three crap congressmenu/women from Florida that might as well be Demoncrats ... BUT and it's a big one...
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    Once Election Fraud Is Proven - What Will TRUMP Do?

    Like Mike Lindell says ... SUMMARIZED without many miracles we would have never realized that China was hacking our voting machines ... now we need a few more miracles to straighten out this evil... It's starting to smell like Water-Gate ... the truth is starting to snowball...
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    Parents asked to leave plane cause child had no mask. All passengers walk out with them to back them up!

    I believe that the science is IN...N95 masks are only slightly better than nothing and the regular face diapers are of no use. There are a number of scientific studies but Senator Dr. Rand Paul probably put it most succinctly in his questioning of Fauci.