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    Solving crimes is secondary and below compared to how they do it - 'by the book.' Without true oversight, where detailed scrutiny prevails, no government agency will stick to the 'plan' of servants of the People, for the People in an even-handed fashion. You follow the rules or get the heck...
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    GA Audit Finds Significant Election Failures - Could Flip State

    Gorka is a pessimist quitter. He may have finer points, but there are times where he stinks of pessimism. This is the USA, and all things can be taken to court, except SCOTUS.
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    They could be hibernating or shirking their duty to society, but more so to themselves. In my initial 38 years, taking charge, striking out, advancing by my innate abilities, but also taking up shot putting and hammer throwing in my 30s and succeeding well, there were bouts with certain drugs...
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    Men In America Have Been ‘Neutered’

    Standards change over time. The need for aggressive physical action is limited these days. Too many people going to college. Not enough big wars. Fewer tough manly jobs. Too much pansyism. Bring back the trades. Bring back manufacturing. Exploit outer space raw minerals and metals. Expansion...
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    ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Trend Is Taking Down Our Country

    Oh, poo. You're just being silly, silly, silly. That aside, it's more than the food when many aspects of society allow for pansyism with a female ruled educational system wanting to castrate every male in sight. I slapped another student's hat off his head and I'm out of college for a year. 1...
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    With cameras everywhere, the stuff that used to send messages gets plastered everywhere.
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    Artur Pawlowski: Now is the Time to Fight

    Yep !
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    Climate Change and Why you can be Happy

    This is for the Scientific crowd :) Climates change. So what ? The history of the Earth is one of chronic Ice Ages interspersed with warm spells. The Earth orbits outside the 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Zone." The Earth needs to trap heat in order to have life, otherwise it would be a...
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    Meet Ray "FBI asset" Epps

    Here's a nice spot for this: So, one can draw the conclusion the FBI was in on 9/11 attack. No, not from the article, but...
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    GA Audit Finds Significant Election Failures - Could Flip State

    "Steaming Turd" John, what would your mother say about that ?
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    The Bible back in our schools

    Just what are you inferring ? :confused: It's a shame we never get to do this face to face. What, with me being a lovable rouge of sorts it would be great !
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    Here are the Resource Documents for the Post: "The Hidden History Behind Who the Real Enemy Is". This Will Rock Your Socks!

    Yep ! Yep ! Yep ! Too much Old World Bull Crap ! With fluids there are ways to clean up the spill without getting wet. World-Wide debt is not our concern as much as our own. So, to take a page from the communists, or rather our own common sense, pick up the rug, shake it out, and lay it...