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  1. moniqueannemcgregor

    Melania had exquisite taste. She worked at it.
  2. moniqueannemcgregor

    Rittenhouse is an idiot. Welcome to your blithering idiot hero, maga.
  3. moniqueannemcgregor

    The gun laws or absent/busy/stressed parents who provide the weapon?
  4. moniqueannemcgregor

    The kid is part of the corrupt Bidens. People notice stuff like this. Blood is blood. DNA proved child is pos Hunter's. It shows a serious lack of honor in Joe/Jill.
  5. moniqueannemcgregor

    Smash and grabs in San Francisco Article about insanity in SF. Security and insurance costs will skyrocket. California must deport illegals and return to real punishment for looting and theft. Plus they need security teams on streets armed with...
  6. moniqueannemcgregor

    3 November is DEAD!

    Then you go sit and pray which does zip. So sick of this "thoughts and prayers" crap. Go do something. Sponsor legislation.
  7. moniqueannemcgregor

    3 November is DEAD!

    The Constitution did not plan for corrupted software in voting machines. They also did not institute term limits. We need to agitate in our respective states for an end to computerized voting, use of only calibrated and off line scanners, paid volunteer election workers, election holiday...
  8. moniqueannemcgregor

    Rand Paul FIRES BACK at Fauci

    Fauci should be the subject of a congressional investigation.
  9. moniqueannemcgregor

    Doocy Leaves Fauci Stumbling When Pressed On Covid Double Standard For Immigrants

    A different issue.... I hate people that dance around an answer.
  10. moniqueannemcgregor

    Alec Baldwin Stunner — ‘The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger’…

    I have always liked him as an actor. But he is stupid to be doing this interview, eating out, having Hilaria blasting on social media. His career is now as a producer only. It mb over completely.
  11. moniqueannemcgregor

    Alec Baldwin Stunner — ‘The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger’…

    It chb sabotage. There was a crew sent packing and another crew came on. Baldwin needs to answer background q's.
  12. moniqueannemcgregor

    New 1/6 footage shows Capitol Police kicking young woman to death…

    Why aren't regular people allowed in Capitol Bldg?