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    The Big Question I Have About The USA

    Today the USA is not what it used to be. With social media everyone is getting a better sampling of the truth and that news is exposing the corruption within the USA. I ask my self is Taiwan better off with the USA or China and I think China wins hands down. Just like is the Ukraine better off...
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    Are You Vaccinated

    We have to respect peoples' choice.... Vax if you believe it will save you and don't if you feel Vax is not the best solution.
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    Are You Vaccinated

    my family and I take lots of Vitamin D and zinc along with other vitamins. We take care when we go out but in most cases we are unmasked. We try to live our lives as normal as possible. I am sure in time people will not be able to take these constant attempts at using fear to control their...
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    Are You Vaccinated

    My brother's wife had cancer and was given 2 years to live. She lived for 8 years. During that time her doctor died of cancer and all the people that took treatments with her died. My brother gave her daily electrical pulse treatments (this method is used to stimulate mussels and sold as an...
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    Are You Vaccinated

    Please keep us posted. Are you also taking Vitamin D and Zinc
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    Are You Vaccinated

    Those who are are doing everthing they can to make sure you get vaccinated so if there is a major side effect in the years to come they want you too get your share of it.
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    America Has Lost It Shine

    There is a lot of examples but for one when the Russia Hoax get zero results it means that the select few get a free pass and the only justice out there are parking tickets.
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    There Is NO VOTER FRAUD!

    Biden says there is no voter fraud and you can take that to the BANK.... once they start to accept 1 penny deposits
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    Nigel Farage - Time to Accept we Must Learn To Live With Covid

    In time we find out the real truth. So far there are next to no reliable sources for information. Nigel is one I like to follow and seems to be a straight shooter
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    2022 USA should not call everyone they don't agree with as the enemy

    The word enemy is used too lightly when referring to other countries. I don't hear the same from them so lets be more grown up.
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    Tune in once every 2 weeks and you have more than enough news

    There is far too much repeat , repeat , repeat. They are beating an old horse to death with trying to make the same news sound different.