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  1. J

    Woman Challenging Gov. DeSantis for Governor Faceplants During Interview

    Charlie Chris is a moron! And a liar!
  2. J

    Annie Jacobsen- Operation Paper Clip

    Why do you say that, and what is your proof ?
  3. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1025 (6/15/2021)

    Why do you, or anyone else that heard that Biden is investigating where the Wuhan virus originated, and who funded it? It’s in front of them in many sighted paper trail articles, documents, as we speak . They haven’t been clean or honestly attack mode on any investigation except on Trump,not...
  4. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1023 (6/15/2021)

    Lance the ‘Head of the boil’, puss too Steve? Lol, that is the perfect analogy!nlol
  5. J

    Viral Video Shows Consequences of San Francisco Decriminalizing Shoplifting

    They want you to go broke, close shop, live on the streets so they can control every single dollar of these 12 trillion they’ve implemented! These people are the worst kind of politician, Chinese paid!
  6. J

    Jim Jordan vs. Chris Wray…

    But this liar can talk about why, and how, and what he’s doing against a President of this country, to every , and any one that ask’s. Or about anything pertaining to the Jan 6 Americans ,peacefully wanting to stop the corrupt stealing of the presidency, and the democrats attack on election...
  7. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1015 (6/11/2021)

    Does anyone feel the way I do, the Democrats are trying to kill Americans, trying to reduce population, and this plan they introduced is working! I feel this is their reason behind police reduction, and helped create this virus! Wake you people these people are killing Americans by the thousands!
  8. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 995 (6/3/2021)

    Steven, you have the best and fullest hair I’ve seen in a long time , if you put some color back in it, you will look 20 years younger! Get some sun on the face, and your’ rock star ‘ look will be amazing! Good show you all!
  9. J

    Former Pfizer VP Dr. Yeadon: Governments Lied About Virus, Vaccines to Force Global Digital ID

    Good for you , I have been taking quinine in a different form, zinc, and D3 . I wish I volume have gotten HCQ.
  10. J

    If Biden Crime Family Is Ever Prosecuted, This Video of Joe Will Be Used in Court

    You are absolutly right. Their democrats, their the only group that can stand together, and balls enough to steal, fight, and destroy , for money!
  11. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 973 (5/25/2021)

    Why give dominion the chance to falsify evidence. If you call attention to dominion fraudulent activities in 2020 election, that will try to take the evidence down!
  12. J

    Lori Lightfoot busted with telescopic lens…

    I’ll bet this bitch hasn’t been vaccinated! I’ll bet none of these criminals in this WH have been vaccinated. They had shots of Hydroxi, or something, but not this vaccine, because Biden said there’s no vaccine, and none of these people wear masks in parties, or around each other, you see it on...
  13. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 949 (5/15/2021)

    Can we please listen to these other people , you rant the same rant every day!
  14. J

    War Room Pandemic - Episode 947 (5/14/2021)

    I have a question. Is there a way , to take something in the vacine that could be triggered to kill a vaccinated person?
  15. J

    Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci GO AT IT Over China, Infamous Wuhan Lab

    Put him on a lie detector. See what he says.