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    Bannon Babbles About Polls - WHILE.........

    Absolutely, raped caucasian juvenal girls by Antifa Frankenstein, Bannon flat called for their tossing. I'm looking for another Big Hole to lean them over, AGAIN!👹
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    Bannon Babbles About Polls - WHILE.........

    Babbles!? I haven't seen too many from the other side he can't talk under the table, and without lying - playing games!👹 A matter a fact they obviously agree!👎
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    Tribunal Remedies!

    1.) Aliyah for nonviolent Antifa 2.) Mexican deportation for nonviolent Caucasians 3.) Guantanamo forever 😈 Was it a Virginia Sanctuary City Sheriff that amazingly let a Bad Illegal go and shocked us during Trumptime a few years back! Somebody ended up telling those guys to carry a spoon, or...
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    WI "secure" audit reveals election fraud

    Ad Digi-Key Electronics Honeywell Sensing And Produc Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers WI "secure" audit reveals election fraud 8:18 AM Time for forensic audit! Hi Glenn, Wisconsin just finished a non-forensic audit. Though flawed, it showed what we in AZ already know: the 2020 election was fatally flawed...
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    karen fann on stew peters and now war room - doing the damage control tour to cover the grift

    Make it a crime of last longer by Lawyer. Disappointed enough to not be political! 1%!?🎓
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    Why Russian and Chinese warships teaming up to circle Japan is a big deal Antifa!👹
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    Fox News anchor Chris Wallace dubs White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki 'one of the best press secretaries ever' The ALL-in Antifa Club!🎄
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    A Fried Grassroots burn down 1% Housings metaphor!?

    The Climate's Dry spell has something for everybody!👹
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    My Boob Fixation Remedy!?😲

    Right, they have a space to fill part time, and structurally they have to work both ways. Guys are instinctually attracted to that! NATURE, NOT SOCIAL B.S.!😉
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    As soon as everyone is with you!😵
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    My Boob Fixation Remedy!?😲

    Anyway, some of us stare at big boobs and I don't think it is our fault, They say!😇 Mom needed to get busy!👍
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    Tomorrow's or Next Week's News Today - Bannon Arrested, War Room Shut Down

    Say Chosen!👹 They were the Caveman!👸
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    Is Raheem Kassam still with the War Room?

    Yep, Antifa Angela - Bad People: