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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    Some of the men I know who push their grand children in baby carriages can wipe out a bar room and hit a helmet at 1000 yds. Never judge a book by it's cover.
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be soy boys........
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    War Room Pandemic - Episode 1035 (6/19/2021)

    My father taught me to be respectful and gentle but always stand up for myself( in his words "take no bull sh8t from anyone) .He gave me the education and mentoring that I needed. That education included a Catholic School traditional education, College, several years of training in different...
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    Biden Exposed Reading Anti-Trump Talking Points Off Flashcard at Presser

    There is considerable suspicion that Biden is also fitted with an ear piece so his handler can coach him. He frequently pauses for long periods lowering his head to concentrate. The "experts" say this is a tell that he is receiving prompts via a device. I think it might be because he is as...
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    'If You're Not Scared Yet, You're Not Paying Attention': Artur Pawlowski Warns of Communist Takeover

    The Biden Administration is now asking people to report suspected radicalization among family and friends to DOJ. Their characterization of radicalization is hazy but seems to include anyone who is unhappy with the current administration and could conceivably become violent about it. That seems...
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    Eric Clapton

    I took the Moderna in January after very careful consideration. I'm retired and have some of the lung co-morbidities that would make me highly vulnerable if I contracted a severe case of the virus. My doctor of 30 years went over all of the available data with me and did a risk/reward analysis...
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    School Board Member Attacks Parent For Pushing Back Against Radical Agenda less dumbass on the school board.....
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    Tucker Carlson Exposes Media Who Are Now Frantically Covering Up Their Lies

    Our corrupt president will make sure China is not blamed for this. Unfortunately they own him. The corrupt media knows this but will never report it. It's up to Revolver, The National Pulse, Gateway Pundit, and War Room to expose him.
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    Navarro Reveals Evidence 'Fauci Body Count' Makes Him Biggest Mass Murderer in History

    We need creative lawyers to bring wrongful death law suits against Fauci, legacy and social media. The active demonization of HCQ because Trump mentioned it cost 20-30K lives according to Navarro. Put simply.....thousands of people died because the media decided it was more important to remove...
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    🚨Data Links being denied 🚨

    NIH trying to cover Fauci's ratty ass
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    FBI and Capitol Police Investigating Threat Against Rand Paul

    The corrupt FBI has been proven to be a political weapon of the Democrat party. I don't expect them to find or do anything of substance with this threat....
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    Lindell Will Present 'Royal Flush' of Vote Fraud Evidence to Supreme Court By July

    I like Mike.....but color me skeptical on the Supreme Court prediction. I continue to think that the only thing that will spark action is overwhelming awareness of the steal. We are inching towards that. We all need to keep hammering the subject as the audits move forward.
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    Press Sec Blames Lack Of Gun Control For Rise In Crime

    Fox's Doucey and OANN need to do a better job of roasting her. There were 50 people shot in Chicago this weekend. Chicago is the most regulated City for gun control. Do your freaking homework Fox and OANN
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    Biden Waives Sanctions on Russian Pipeline

    Didn't Hunter get money from a Russian Oligarch? Hmmmm....
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    Americans, not just the Left, are waking up to barbaric, murderous Israel.

    Hamas has been designated as a Terrorist organization. Israel showed evidence that they were inhabiting the AP building. Israel gave AP one hour to get out then leveled the building. Israel needs to keep going until there are no more of these savages.