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  1. EverythingIsBullshit

    Why Are Magnets Sticking To Where People Got Covid Vaccines Injected?!

    I tried it on a friend of mine who got the vaccine. Did not work.
  2. EverythingIsBullshit

    I voted today and refused to use Dominion machine

    My small NJ town had a council election today. I showed up to exercize my constitutional right and cast my vote. Well, lo and behold, my township switched machines to Dominion. Last year during the general election we had the old push button machines. This year and unbeknownst to us, we are...
  3. EverythingIsBullshit

    French churches disappearing

    As a French dual citizen I can attest to this. It is true. In fact where I grew up, a small village of under 1300 residents, we used to jave our own church and our priest. In the past 20 years, this church and others lost their priest. We now have 1 for 4 villages and he rotates every Sunday...
  4. EverythingIsBullshit


    My brother was an artist, he never made a dime off his work but he sure was more talented than this guy. The art industry is just like the movie industry it's who you know and who you (fill in the blank) unfortunately. I remember going to that Brooklyn Museum exhibit that had the Blessed Mother...
  5. EverythingIsBullshit

    Stephen please look at this. France is gone. It's over.

    I can be upset about multiple things at the same time. It does notbtake much talent, I walk around angry since November 3. Lol
  6. EverythingIsBullshit

    Stephen please look at this. France is gone. It's over.

    If you do not find it disrespectful to dangle a dead horse over a statesman tomb, I don't know what I can add here.
  7. EverythingIsBullshit

    Stephen please look at this. France is gone. It's over.

    I am so ashamed of my country. I don't even know what to say anymore. Truly, there are no words. For those of you who do not know. This is the tomb of my Emperor, Napoleon I at Les Invalides in Paris. 1. It is a tomb 2. He was the greatest leader France has ever known 3. This is also the site...
  8. EverythingIsBullshit

    Just the News Sharyl Attkinson's guest says Bannon helped try to oust Trump behind his back?

    That kind of disinformation tells me only one thing. They are scared. They see Steve as a threat. They are worried about the war room posse and trying to divide us. These tactics are as old as dirt. Come on man!
  9. EverythingIsBullshit

    Bannon: Why is Biden's Vaccinated Posse Still Wearing Masks?

    It goes along the narrative that Politicians are just like us peons. They know what we go through. We can trust.
  10. EverythingIsBullshit

    Kassam: Giuliani Raid is to Cover Up Biden's Corruption in Ukraine

    As though Rudy was dumb enough to not have backups.
  11. EverythingIsBullshit

    Deleted for purpose of no humor 😂😂😂😂

    That is just rude. Your comment, not Steve. He can do whatever he wants, that is his show. Plus there is a delay with the Zoom calls he may not necessarily and purposely be interrupting. If you cannot keep up with the dynamic maybe that is not the show for you. Carry on Steve ❤
  12. EverythingIsBullshit

    Migrants to get paid to stay home. What?

    Absolutely not. AMERICANS need to work and other countries need to figure out their own s***. I have had it with this country problem solving for everybody else. Look where that got us. Two towers fell!
  13. EverythingIsBullshit

    Migrants to get paid to stay home. What?

    The sheer incompetence of this administration, I just can't. Do they not see how this will exacerbate the problem? Now more people will flood the border to be sent back to a tree planting job! What a bunch of tools! AZ hurry up with that audit, for the love of God...
  14. EverythingIsBullshit

    Garland is Coming After War Room

    And more bullshit. I work in mental health care, all our prescribers have added vitamin D3 and Zinc to my patients protocol and jave done so as early as last September.