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    AZ Finally Confirms Major Fraud Discovered

    Yes, I View It Also, as the Lord is Giving Us, as Christians, More Time to Reach Many that are Lost Before His Return.
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    So Sorry! My Heart Goes out to All of the Kid's Having to Grow Up Without a Father in the Home, for Whatever Reason and Sadly there Are Many! There's Nothing Like Hearing the Voice of Loved Ones and Friends and Not Having to Interpret What They Are Trying to Say In Confusing Text Messages!
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    Absolutely! Not Only in Men, 12 Year Old Girls Also!!!! Many Antibiotics and Penicillin Aren't as Effective Anymore. I'll Just Make a Long Story Short! If I Have A Thing, This Would be It! I've been a Label Reader for Year's and Buying Organic, Grass Fed, Non GMO etc. as Much as Possible...
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    Thank you! 🙏 That's Sweet! 😉
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    AZ Finally Confirms Major Fraud Discovered

    They Better Hurry Up! Jesus is Coming Back Soon Too!
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    Fathers Day Special - A Lotto Test that you will find interesting

    Yes, Happy Father's Day Lajo and Dad's Everywhere! This Is Some Very Interesting Stuff for Sure!😉
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    Kevin McCarthy fighting anti trust legislation

    Too Many Just Like Him in There! It's Time to Flush the Toilet!
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    The Crisis of Masculinity In America

    A Good Women is Hard to Find, But Much Too Often, You Can Find 10+ Guy's, on Any Given Day, or Night, Crammed Up in One Small Man Cave, With All of Their Drinking Buddies, Playing Video Games, or Whatever, While the Good Wives or Girl Friends are Taking Care of Business! I Never Will Understand...
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    Woman Challenging Gov. DeSantis for Governor Faceplants During Interview

    She's Hoping for Another Fraudulent Election!
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    Vaccines for Congress

    Speaking of Trust, Let's See a Show of Hands of the People that Will be Getting the So Called Flu Vaccine This Year!🤔
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    There Ya Go Young Man!!! So Great to See that Our Country Still Has A Future In Our Young People! Praying that More Will be Bold and Take A Stand Like This Young Man, Who Knows that He and His Generation Are Much Smarter than the Corrupt Few Think!
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    Black Dad DISMANTLES Critical Race Theory in Minutes, School Board Goes Silent

    Thank You for Your Family Story! Your Parents Saw the "Opportunity" that Was Available, Not Looking for a Free Ride. God Sure is Blessing Them, Along with Your Siblings!
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    Lindell Is Showing His Royal Flush of Election Fraud, ‘It’s Over!’

    😂🤣😭 Y'all Are Cracking Me Up, I'm Going to Have to Run and Look in the Mirror Now!!!!😳