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  1. 1650VaPatriot

    'If You're Not Scared Yet, You're Not Paying Attention': Artur Pawlowski Warns of Communist Takeover

    this man is the real deal. much love and respect for him. Gods protection
  2. 1650VaPatriot

    FAUCI KNEW way back then....AND LIED ABOUT IT IN 2021

    Thank you for posting this. I heard this a few months ago, but did not see it written in black and white. Fauci losing his job is not enough.
  3. 1650VaPatriot

    'That Was Evil': Navarro Assails Chris Wallace For Covering Up for Dr. Fauci

    huge Dr. Navarro fangirl. :) give him the floor and class is in session.
  4. 1650VaPatriot

    'That Was Evil': Navarro Assails Chris Wallace For Covering Up for Dr. Fauci

    there are doctors and nurses in my area that will not take the shot.
  5. 1650VaPatriot

    Kerik: '1,000% Positive' Trump Won the Election By Landslide

    Bernie Kerik. heroic. he doesnt change. love.
  6. 1650VaPatriot

    Pentagon ‘secretly’ funneled $39 million to Peter Daszak

    charity? EcoHealth Alliance a charity? huh? oh and from the same Pentagram that is putting out UFO info?
  7. 1650VaPatriot

    War Room Investigates: Is There Another Agenda Behind the Pentagon's UFO Report?

    cannot listen. makes my ears bleed. the tell for me 'Pentagon' and 'Barack Obama'. forget it.
  8. 1650VaPatriot

    Kassam: 'I'm Just Stunned McCarthy is That Stupid'

    he isnt stupid, he is arrogant jackass
  9. 1650VaPatriot

    Hillary Clinton Just Made Huge Fool Of Herself

    he has locked-steeped his marching orders. thieves and traitors. and that voice gives me a gag reflex.
  10. 1650VaPatriot

    BREAKING: ALARM Sounded At AZ Audit…

    please explain to me how AZ Kelli Ward knows this and.. sounds an alarm. sounds alarm to whom? I trust no -one that has been involved. stop the talk. walk the talk.
  11. 1650VaPatriot

    Chauvin Juror Caught Red Handed…Conviction Toast… (PICS)

    this is no surprise. no way was Chauvin going to get anything close to a fair trial. no way.