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Steve & Raheem!!!

New Biden interim National Security Strategy (NSS) dropped on March 3rd--it should provide a great discussion with regard to China.

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I would get Navarro, Jack P. or others to comment on it.
It is a very "Woke" document and really lays out that the new administration will likely give China a pass unless something changes.

Please have guests show their website contact information VISIBLY instead of rattling this off as a last minute afterthought, many times so fast you can’t understand them.Thanks.
Tell Congresswoman Boebert that the word she keeps referring to address the Democrats is "Projection" like a Movie Projector, and they Project their own personality and character flaws that they accuse the Republicans of having. PROJECTION.
We need to not just have our focus on the White House we are being attacked by all fronts.

We need to focus on Kamala Harris (isn’t she quite?!), The House and the Senate, The bills and executive orders. We need to focus not just on the Rhinos but the Democrats we need them out of office more than the Rhinos because if we get rid of Democrats we take both houses and then we can the Rhinos under control.
Retired Law Enforcement, non-practicing lawyer, occasional blogger on politics, culture, media and law (Australian Sydney, Australia. Andrew Breitbart-inspired. The fight against totalitarianism is never over and determination to speak out ceaselessly is required
Love President Trump. He gave a great speech. I still can’t believe that he is not in the White House. Yes, the election was stolen from him and the people. I pray for 2022. We must take back control and put the breaks on to this uncontrollable disaster the “Biden Presidency and his Administration”. It will be a long 2 years.
I agree, it must be addressed. I also believe the the Deplorables and the undecided need to feel there is organization as well as determination in regain our status in the public square. We need some marching orders to out the Dems, not just calling them out but strategies for defeating them quietly.