War Room Pandemic - Episode 746 (2/20/2021)

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Peggy Ann

Dec 27, 2020
How do we continue with the Trump policy of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America given that Biden and China now running over country? Until Trump becomes President again, the only way to bring back these jobs and get China out of our life is for 74+ million Deplorables to stop buying Made In China as I indicated in post above. Since I assume that Deplorables do not own million of shares of Walmart stock to sell to get their attention to stop them from selling Made in China, our only power is to stop buying Made in China products. Even Walmart would have to pay attention if Deplorables stopped shopping there. Also, we all know that it is more like 80 million Deplorables as demonstrated by "Absolute Proof" - that is real buying power!
I make it a point not to buy anything "made in china"; I refuse to eat/drink from anything "made in china", though sometimes I really have to hunt for what I want because the china "label" is so predominant. I also won't purchase anything via amazon because their politics are so anti-American.
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