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  1. bannonfan


    THis is a great primer if you want to see how you are being played, by just about every media out there. why did I stop watching them 25 years ago
  2. bannonfan


    well, another week, another side show in every ring of the circus of leftism. what was interesting? well, they let a man run over a young kid with conservative views, and he walked...out on bail, so problemo. Not any more. what else, well, the Putty Putin threatened nukes and...
  3. bannonfan

    REALITY the trenches!!! SIX weeks left to WIN this.

    Reality check Lets get down to basics, a lot of people think they will just vote libertarian or green as they always have, because they have principals. Here’s a reality check. Got a printer, got a paper cutter? Ideas below: Never will you get another chance to stop the left. They just let a...
  4. bannonfan


    personally, If for any reason he can't run, I'd say give his boy a shot. Donald Jr. then, if he can run, he needs a new VP......looks like desantis and gabby from hawaii should be on that short list. Cruz is needed in the senate, but he's make a great AG...either that or maybe Sidney Powell...
  5. bannonfan


    MISSING MONEY EVERYWHERE , say it ain't so Joe, oh wait, the big guy can't, he's in on it.... and yet they want us to believe that DJT is the criminal. WHEN DO THE FBI RAIDS BEGIN? OH wait, they are in on it. scratch that idea. Also HRC's missing $6 billion...
  6. bannonfan

    SOROS and FAUCI both busted, but will it change anything?

    well, it remains to be seen...for my money, the ONLY way it will really change anything is if the sleeping giant does awaken to the fact that they have been duped their entire lives. and for that, those that know how to pray MUST continue in prayer EVERY DAY, for the people, everywhere. "the...
  7. bannonfan


    ok, lets just cut to the chase in the world of power brokers, nobody has played a better game then Mr. Xi. However he made a fatal mistake. He decided to get ahead he would steal, kill and destroy, It would take too long to innovate and invent, better to steal from everyone who was creative...
  8. bannonfan

    Woah unto those who live in the islands...suppression of weather truths

    so our bud, Dutch, who has been doing in depth weather for years is being suppressed. he caught them using DEWs and then caught the solar flares causing earth quakes, and they DO NOT want people to know what they, and the sun are doing so they crashed hacked him, taking out 4 computers, they...
  9. bannonfan

    HOME SCHOOLing CHILD ARRESTED...the criminalization of christians
  10. bannonfan

    JFK tidbits

    you know, thinking back to stuff....lots of little things come to mind.... dad wanted glodwater to win, because he knew Joe K to be ruthless, and thought his sons would be as well. he used to talk about it with nellie and Nu. his budds. Nellie, was spellman (cardinal) and NU was albert...
  11. bannonfan


    2 nd try if folks can views this, let me know, thanks
  12. bannonfan


    so who here remembers the saying if Hitler comes selling you public showers you might want to think that thru. (nobody, cause I just made it up) if Lenin comes in selling you the best capitalist venture since Microsoft, you might also want to bite hard on that wooden nickel, program, whatever...
  13. bannonfan

    DUTY, ABORTIONS, and BALL GAMES....what do they have in common?

    Duty abortions and Ball Ganes, by Bannonfan. copywrite 9-13-2022 The only way to get folks to rethink abortion was to bring it back into the public consciousness so that some real discourse could occur. The women, and men do not realize this is the globalist agenda, to disintegrate the family...
  14. bannonfan

    Flu shots

    I cannot tell others what to do, or what to think. but I will say, in my research its looking more and more like the H1N! was a grown (lab) version of the original spanish flu (which they have been experimenting with in level 4 labs. this is not a good sign, and it may be that the vaccine was...
  15. bannonfan

    STEVE DOES THE PERP WALK...AND SAYS, I have not yet begun to fight

    they just pepr waked him down the corridor, he was playing johnny cash it did my heart good, as yesterday I put up some songs just for stve, it was johnny first Hit ever, and his last one. (folsom blues, and Hurt) anyway, all are on the same wave length to be sure. thanks be to God for...
  16. bannonfan

    SEAN, GLEN, CHristopher and does matter, their honor matters

    (her shameful remarks, do not.) God Bless the Bengazi servants. Rest in eternal peace. Our blood, and our treasure. 10 year anniversary, never forget. Lord, Bless them and their families, and comfort them...
  17. bannonfan

    IN HONOR OF 9-11

    if you want to know more.....if you need to be informed, not as Jack Mackey is, nice fella but late late to the party, but as the people IN the inner circle were, who knew the part a certain muslim, name of J brennan, and rumsfeld etc etc well, just listen, this is pieces you aren't used to...
  18. bannonfan

    who is KLAUS SHWAB really? he hails from Uni of frieburg and harvard liberation school of JFK BOTH of which are heavily Jesuitized (taken over) and no longer kinger in christian attitudes or theologies...
  19. bannonfan

    YOUTUBE totally REVERSES its guidelines, unsilencing US, silencing KARENS

    and other goodies don't know for how long, but this is good news for we who repent and ask for God to heal the land