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  1. carla_rogers

    Pfizer VP charged (disregard article)

    No information from law enforcement. No court records. This story is bs
  2. carla_rogers

    LOU BARLETTA for PA governor! Not Jake Corman or Doug Mastriano who both could have stopped the election fraud beforehand but did not!!

    I think you are lying. How could Colonel Doug Mastriano have prevented TheSteal? I think you are lying. How could Colonel Doug Mastriano have prevented TheSteal?
  3. carla_rogers

    Why Didn't David Perdue Fight for Election Integrity in the 2020 Election?

    I like hearing David Perdue talk properly about the flagrant theft of his and Trump's elections in 2020. He does a good job on the subject. My question is, why didn't he say this stuff back when TheSteal™ happened in 2020 and Janurary 2021? (he had a runoff after the general election)...
  4. carla_rogers

    Rudy Has Unfinishned 9/11 Business

    Attorney Giuliani, we have a problem. I cannot explain how this problem can exist, because this problem makes no sense, given what I know about your perfect eye for right and wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, but the mistake I am talking about now is no ordinary mistake. The mistake I am...
  5. carla_rogers

    Why Didn't Kemp Fight for a Fair 2020 Election?

    What is behind those undenied claims that Kemp did a blow bang with 20 chinese and Raffesbuger? No one ever said it was a blow bang, but I have not seen it ruled out either. Is it confirmed he was overly-intimate with communist Chinese party and Dominion voting systems? If he is tight with...
  6. carla_rogers

    Why Didn't Kemp Fight for a Fair 2020 Election?

    What do you think of Trump's endorsement for David Perdue for Governor?
  7. carla_rogers

    All the Big People Do This - Declare "I Was Right"

    I guess this is an ego thing, but I can not only say,. but prove that I was pumping out everything I could to alert people to the stolen election, BEFORE IT HAPPENED. I guess in addition to ego, the reason for saying this is calling that disaster before it happened is a call not everyone made...
  8. carla_rogers

    I Need to Get a Meeting with Donald Trump. I Could Help Him With Elections

    Donald Trump has most of his game back, but he has not recovered his pitch perfect read of the electorate. This is most visible in his many poor choices for endorsements. I could fill in some of the crucial holes. First example, dump David Purdue, endorse Kandiss Taylor Governor of Georgia...
  9. carla_rogers

    Why Didn't Kemp Fight for a Fair 2020 Election?

    This is something is what I want to know. Why Didn't Kemp Fight for a Fair 2020 Election?
  10. carla_rogers

    Has Jovan Pulitzer Accomplished Anything

    Has Jovan Pulitzer contributed any findings of fraud to the 2020 election investigations?
  11. carla_rogers

    No Wsy Repubk8cans Win Big In November 2022

    What makes anyone think the 2022 election won't be stolen? Nothing has happened since November 2020 to secure the elections.
  12. carla_rogers

    How long until the lunatic left has control of all domain registrations?

    What stops ICANN from blocking access to all domains publishing dangerous information regarding climate change, racism, public health, and military conflict? I believe the answer to that is nothing. I wonder how it will be until Soros & associates has bought a controlling majority of the...
  13. carla_rogers

    What changes do we need to make?

    Is it enough for us to elect a congress and most state houses full of maga patriots? I think not. The left has developed an ability to subvert our system. To stop them, we have to change our system in a way designed to make their subversion impossible. For example, we need to flip the media...
  14. carla_rogers

    Why do state legislatures refuse to correct the 2020 steal?

    Part of what made the steal in 2020 work is the heads of the state legislatures are bought off. What else could explain their unwillingness to correct the problem? All of them totally resist the obvious action to take that is right in front of them. What do you think about this?
  15. carla_rogers

    Trying to picture food shortages coming this year

    How many Americans will die from starvation this year?
  16. carla_rogers

    Trying to picture food shortages coming this year

    I keep seeing reports of catastrophic food shortages that are going to happen as a result of being cut off from Russian supplies of fertilizer. What is this going to be like? Will tens of millions of American starve to death?
  17. carla_rogers

    Where does Denver Post the links that Bannon tells them to post in all the chat rooms?

    I'm looking for the link to the Naomi Wolf interview of Edward Dowd. I've noticed that every day Bannon tells Denver to post something at all the chat rooms., I have informed the War Room I would not mind if sometimes I could find at least one of those links that they post everywhere ...
  18. carla_rogers

    2020 Was the LittleSteal. 2022 is the BigSteal

    In 2020, the election was stolen mostly with fake votes by phantom voters. In 2022, the steal will be more widespread. The dems will increase their majority in the US house, Beeto O'Rouke will be elected Governor of Texas. It will be done by manipulating the voting machines. The coverup will...